Local group protests tax plan

For the Troy Daily News

TROY— Members of local group Indivisible held a protest at Representative Warren Davidson’s office, to register their disapproval of Davidson’s support of the Tax Cuts and Jobs act.

The group, with members from several Miami County cities, is critical of the proposed tax cuts that are aimed at the wealthiest wage earners in the country and corporations that are already seeing record profits. The tax cuts for the middle class also phase out after five years while the corporate tax cuts are made permanent.

The group is also concerned that the Republican tax cut bill blows a $1.5 trillion hole in the federal budget that will necessitate further cuts to programs like Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Food Assistance, Education and many other programs that the middle class depends upon.

Members of Indivisible also claim that one rationale for the plan, that tax cuts will spur huge economic growth, is dubious at best. According to the Wall Street Journal (Oct. 21, Kate Davidson), the “Trump administration and GOP leaders say lower rates will fuel a boom, but history suggests that isn’t necessarily the case.”

The group would like to see the tax bill slowed down and considered using Senate regular order in a transparent way, so that citizens have a fair chance to understand the bill and its consequences.