November election sees successful run

Certified results coming later this month

By Sam Wildow -

MIAMI COUNTY — The Miami County Board of Elections is expected to certify the Nov. 7 general election — which appeared to run without any significant hitches — next week.

The board did not have any major failures of voting machines, and there were backup voting machines available.

While the board’s office was able to update the majority of the election results online as they were received, results for write-in candidates were not available online until the next day.

“There was a problem with the link,” Luke Scott, deputy director of the Miami County Board of Elections, said. “The file was there for the upload.”

Scott explained that there was an issue between the vendor who hosts the website and the link that the board’s office had ready for the write-in candidates. The issue was sorted out and the results were posted the next morning.

The board also had lists of the write-in candidates available at precinct polling locations where there were write-in candidates on the ballot.

“We’re required to have it if you ask,” Bev Kendall, director of the Miami County Board of Elections, said.

Like a sample ballot, Kendall explained that the Ohio Secretary of State requires that those lists are available, but the poll workers are not required to offer them to voters. Scott said it might appear as if they were promoting those write-in candidates over other candidates if they offered the lists of the write-in candidates out to voters.

In Piqua, the race for the two Piqua City Commission seats was only between write-in candidates, but the Piqua Board of Education had two write-in candidates and two candidates on the ballot vying for three open seats on the board.

One candidate race is awaiting certified results from the Nov. 7 to have a final decision on who officially won due to close margins from the unofficial results between candidates.

For the Bradford Board of Education, there are approximately 19 votes between two candidates for the third open seat of that board. The current top three candidates are Scott Besecker, who received a total of 394 votes; Louis Reindel, who received 305 votes; and Mike Miller, who received 286 votes. Another candidate, Carolyn Smith, received a total of 267 votes. The final candidate, Damon Brewer, received 215 votes.

Those votes were the total unofficial results compiled from the boards of elections in Miami, Darke, and Shelby counties.

Certified results coming later this month

By Sam Wildow

Reach Sam Wildow at or (937) 451-3336

Reach Sam Wildow at or (937) 451-3336