Commissioners hear update on health center

By Cecilia Fox -

MIAMI COUNTY — At Thursday’s Miami County Commissioners meeting, Tri-County Board of Mental Health officials provided an update on plans for One Wellness Place.

The board plans to construct a 35-to-40,000-square-foot building to house a variety of health and human services agencies. The TCBMH purchased 7.7 acres on North County Road 25-A near Lytle Road for the building adjacent to the Health Partners of Miami County earlier this year.

One Wellness Place, conceived as a one-stop center for addiction, mental health, medical and dental services, is still in the planning phases as the board determines what the center will look like.

“We’re trying to get a solid grasp on the footprint of the building,” TCMBH Executive Director Mark McDaniel said.

According to McDaniel, TCBMH is considering including Genoa Pharmacy, a nationwide pharmacy that specializes in behavioral health medications, in the center.

“The benefit to that for us is that these folks, since they’re specialists in it, know how to work with our clients and also are very good about communicating with agencies about who’s not picking up medications, and maybe even get some better deals on medications, things of this nature,” he said.

TCBMH is getting close to soliciting bids for site preparation work, McDaniel told the commissioners.

“Our goal is, by late winter, early spring, people will be out there processing the site,” he said. “Shortly thereafter, we want to be able to get out there and bid on the building itself.”

McDaniel described the concept for the building’s layout as having one central entry that leads to the service people are looking for.

“We’ve talked about having a care navigator greet people at the door and help people find the services,” he said.

McDaniel said designing the lobby would be “tricky” since the goal is to be an integrated site, with a full array of services available. He also stressed the importance of providing safe spaces for patients.

“We’ve got lots of things to consider in the process,” he said.

McDaniel said the organization is raising some private funds for the project, which is currently estimated to cost approximately $7 million.

“We’re at about $4.2 million, give or take,” he said. “We’ve got a lot of funds that are coming in over a period of time … We’re bringing in a decent amount of private money.”

By Cecilia Fox

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