Three seek Staunton Twp. trustee seats

Couser, Long and Gearhart running for office



STAUNTON TOWNSHIP — Staunton Township residents will have a choice of three candidates to fill two available trustee seats on the Nov. 7 ballot.

The candidates were provided with questionnaires in which they were asked to list their qualifications and reasons for seeking office, as well as to define their goals if elected, among other questions. As of press time, candidate Susan Couser had not responded to the questionnaire.

Levi Long

Family Information: Spouse Lindsay Long

Occupation: Self-employed owner of Long’s Lawn Care; farmer

Previous political experience: Staunton Township trustee, 2012-present,

Qualifications: I am currently serving on the board of trustees and have attended the Ohio Township Association’s winter conference the past four years. As trustee, I applied for the M.O.R.E. grant each year, which has been received and used to help purchase safety equipment for the township. I attend numerous meetings and seminars pertaining to township concerns and enjoy serving the township in this manner.

Reason for Seeking Office: I have been a lifelong resident of Staunton Township and I enjoy being part of the elected group who look out for the best interest of the constituents. I like the responsibility of maintaining the roads all season long and look forward to providing this service to the community for years to come.

Goals for office if elected: Goals for office would be that the constituency to stay informed of the events going on in the township. It seems there are some items that go unknown by most in the township. I would like to find a way to let them easily be notified. From accident and crime reports to a road closed for repair, I will strive to find a way to notify those who are concerned.

Greatest need to be addressed: The most important topic that the township faces right now is the budget regarding the fire and EMS service provided to the township. We are working with the city of Troy on the current contract and are seeking the best service while keeping our budget intact.

Bill B. Gearhart

Family Information: Married to wife, Diane, for 32 years. We have five children and six grandchildren.

Occupation: Retired from the City of Troy after 30 years in Public Works/Street Department; Owner and operator of B & D Portable Toilet Rental for 28 years.

Qualifications: Four years Staunton Township Trustee; Current president of Miami County Township Association (2017-18); ability to communicate effectively and constructively with residents; 30 years experience working in Public Works/Street Department

Reason for seeking office: I consider public service to be an honor and take a vested interest in our community. I have the skills, time and experience to protect and serve our township. I take pride in maintaining our roadways with ice and snow removal, paving phases, and regular mowing of the ditches, crossroads, and cemeteries. I enjoy analyzing complex questions and finding sensible solutions to issues raised by residents of Staunton Township.

Goals: Help maintain timely and cost-effective emergency responder services to our residents; continue to represent Staunton Township and its citizens in a professional manner; foster open, effective communication among the township and all residents; provide the highest level of skills to help strengthen and further improve our township.

Greatest need to be addressed: I think slowing down annexation and keeping Staunton Township a rural farming community is the greatest need we are facing thus far.

Couser, Long and Gearhart running for office