Four up for three seats on ME board

By Melanie Yingst -



CASSTOWN — Four local residents are vying for three seats for the Miami East Board of Education race on Nov. 7. Current board member Mark Davis is retiring from board service after 16 years of service.

• Shelly Davis

Occupation: Surplus manager and previous six years as customer service manager

Previous Political Experience: None

Qualifications: With experience in the business world, working at UTC Aerospace Systems (formerly Goodrich), I have gained much experience with budgets and strategic planning. One of my most important qualifications is that I am a team player who is respectful and dedicated to finding a positive outcome. I was also been a customer service manager for almost six years, with responsibility of writing goals and objectives and regular evaluation of a seven-member customer service team. Each role I have accepted has taken on additional analytical responsibility. I have served on the Miami County Fair Board, coached Miami East SAY Soccer, Little League Football Cheerleading and spent over 12 years leading a Troy/Miami East Girl Scout Troop. This experience prepares me well to work as a member of the Miami East School Board and allows continuous support of the Miami East Youth.

Reason for seeking office: Our youngest daughter graduated in May, so I bring to the board an open mind with no masked agenda. I would like to contribute to making Miami East Local School District the No. 1 district in Southwest Ohio.

Goals and needs to be addressed: Three of my top priorities on the school board member would be to put all students, administration and community as priority. First priority is to provide our students the highest level of education in a safe and respectful environment. To obtain this priority, with the vision and goals that the school system operates at highest standards of what is best for all students with a focus on student achievements to ensure success. Second priority would be to keep our buildings well maintained while keeping the school district operating within their budget. Lastly, listening to the community and understanding that a school board member may be the eyes and ears of the community.

• Kevin Accurso

Family: Daughters, Juliane Accurso, Jenilee Accurso; and son, Jonathon Accurso

Occupation: Self-employed business owner of Action G.B.W. Sunoco, Troy, for 31 years

Previous political experience: 2010 to present, member of the Miami East BOE

Qualifications: I have eight years as a board member and over 31 years as a small business owner in the local community. I have an excellent working relationship with both Superintendent Rappold and Treasurer Franke. I also have been a volunteer assistant varsity cross country coach the past nine years and had been a volunteer assistant varsity softball coach for seven years and will be returning to that position this coming season. Volunteering for these two sports allows me to be on campus for a majority of the school year, which puts me in close contact with not only the student body, but also the staff and administration. I have served on numerous levy committees and am currently a member of the Miami East Athletic Boosters.

Reason for seeking office: I truly enjoy serving the Miami East community! It has been a pleasure to work with both the past and current board members. The East community is like no other and I would be honored to serve another four years.

Goals for office if elected: My main goal would be to work with the administration — certified and classified staff — to continue the excellence we have achieved at East, but still search for ways to improve everything we do.

Greatest need: I feel the greatest need would be to continue to provide our students with a curriculum that prepares them to succeed in this quickly changing world.

• Brandon R. Fellers

Family: My wife Tricia and I have two children, the oldest is our son Michael B. Fellers. Michael is currently completing his paramedic certifications with Sinclair University and will graduate this spring. He currently has his certification in Fire Fighting No. 1 and 2 and is working at both Vandalia Fire Department and Washington Township Fire Department. The youngest child is our daughter Macy Fellers. Macy is a high school senior at Miami East and plans on pursuing an education and career in architectural design. She hopes to attend Cincinnati University. My wife Tricia is a reading teacher at Concord Elementary School for the Troy City Schools.

Occupation: I am currently a realtor with Coldwell Banker Heritage in Troy.

Previous political experience: I am seeking my second term at Miami East. I currently hold the position of president of the Miami East Local schools. I am seeking my second term in office as I enjoy working with the administration and staff at Miami East. It is a pleasure to work with a great group of educators who are all dedicated to the success of each student.

Qualifications: After being involved in many groups and athletic boosters, it just seemed like the right thing to do by running for school board. When you are a member of the athletic boosters, you are always looking for things you can do to help the Athletic Director in raising money to help fund the programs and to assist with the purchase of uniforms and additional needs for the student athletes. As a board member, you have a chance to help the school district to achieve their goals and objectives. It is rewarding to see the ability and success the kids have when they are able to have the resources and technology to learn in today’s learning environment.

Goals for office if elected: My goal if re-elected is to continue to work with the staff and administration to continue to give our students the tools and resources they need to be able to graduate and become productive citizens. As a school board member, we now more than ever have to stand up for our students and help the unfair testing that the school districts are being held to these days. It is not right that kids have so much stress over “state tests ” that do not get you prepared for life, but instead make them frustrated and sometimes left behind because teachers do not have the time to educate, they can only teach the material for a state test. It is the responsibility to all school board members in Ohio to have a common goal in getting the Ohio educational system back in line of educating our future leaders. We need for students to have more time to take a variety of elective classes to see and learn possible trade skills.

• Mike Rindler

Occupation: Retired Piqua Fire Chief

Qualifications: I have worked in public service for 26 years at the city level, including five years as Piqua Fire Chief, and three years military police

Reason for seeking office: I believe with my background in public service, I will be able to transfer some of that knowledge to this position in a positive way. I also have a vested interest in Miami East. My wife and I both graduated from East, as well as both of our children. Miami East helped prepare all of us for our post-secondary education.

Goals for office if elected: Maintain fiscal sustainability; maintain a quality education that includes diverse extracurricular activities and courses such as agricultural education, performing arts and athletics.

What do you see as the greatest need to be addressed in the position you seek: To maintain the high standard that Miami East already exemplifies.


By Melanie Yingst

Follow Melanie Yingst on Twitter @Troydailynews

Follow Melanie Yingst on Twitter @Troydailynews