Charge filed in aggressive dog incident

By Sam Wildow -

PIQUA — Travis S. Wintrow, 30, of Piqua has been charged with dogs running at large, a minor misdemeanor offense, in connection with the incident that occurred on last Saturday, Aug. 29, when a Piqua police officer shot and killed an aggressive dog.

What prompted the incident was a report of a subject being chased by two pit bulls on the 600 block of Second Street on Saturday at 1:15 p.m. According to Piqua police reports, the complainant stated that he had been walking on the north sidewalk “when the two pit bulls had come out into the street charging at him.” The complainant then stated that “he had thrown a rock at them to get them to stop.”

The complainant then identified a residence on the 600 block of Second Street where the two dogs had allegedly been let inside.

The responding officer then approached the residence. According to Piqua police reports, the officer noted “a white pit bull came to the screen window next to the door and was growling, baring [its] teeth, and acting like it was going to come through the screen at me” as soon as the officer knocked on the door.

The officer then backed off of the porch of the residence.

Wintrow then reportedly opened the door. The white pit bull then forced its way past Wintrow and allegedly came after the officer. The officer reported that the dog “was at an all-out charge, never slowing,” while also growling and baring its teeth at the officer. The officer continued to backpedal away from the dog until the officer fired one shot and killed the dog when it was approximately two feet away from the officer.

The officer noted that Wintrow did not encourage or attempt to stop the dog’s behavior.

A U.S. Postal Service worker witnessed the scene, stating that the same dog chased him into a house on the north side of that street approximately two weeks ago. According to Piqua police reports, the worker claimed that if the woman at the residence had not let him into her home, the dog would have bitten him.

The postal worker reported the incident to his supervisor, who stated he contacted Miami County Animal Control about the dog at large.

Both the postal worker and the original complainant, who each witnessed the incident, stated that the officer “did not have a choice.”

The postal worker also claimed that the dogs at that residence “are out often, running at large, and are very aggressive.”

After the incident occurred, Wintrow stated that the dog “was a family pet and would not hurt anyone.” Wintrow also then went on to berate the officer, allegedly asking the officer what he would think if Wintrow came to the officer’s house and strangled the officer’s pet.

When the responding officer’s supervisor spoke with Wintrow, Wintrow reportedly “declared that his dog would not have hurt anyone, but admitted it was not under his control when it ran out of the house,” according to Piqua police reports.

Wintrow also denied the original complainant’s allegations, stating that the two dogs had been chained up at the time of the incident.

Both the responding officer and the supervisor noted that Wintrow appeared to be under the influence of alcohol during the incident. Wintrow reportedly had a beer with him and was warned to keep the open container on his property and not the sidewalk while being questioned.

The owners of the pit bulls at this residence were reportedly warned for dogs running at large in late April 2015.

Wintrow is set to be arraigned on Sept. 16.

All information is provided by Piqua police reports.

The Piqua Police Department can be contacted at (937) 778-2027. Anonymous tips can be submitted by calling 937-615-TIPS (8477) or by visiting for more information.

By Sam Wildow

Reach Sam Wildow at (937) 451-3336 or on Twitter @TheDailyCall

Reach Sam Wildow at (937) 451-3336 or on Twitter @TheDailyCall