Miami County Sheriff’s Office reports

Information provided by the Miami County Sheriff’s Office:

Aug. 28

LOW SPEED: A deputy observed a red Jeep traveling south on Piqua-Troy Road near Rusk Road.

The vehicle appeared to be traveling at a speed much lower than the legal speed limit of 55 mph. The deputy followed the Jeep and a silver truck who was behind the Jeep for about one mile and paced both vehicles around 40 mph for the entire mile. The deputy activated emergency overhead lights and initiated a stop on the Jeep for impeding traffic. The Jeep pulled off the road to the left at 3250 Piqua-Troy Road. The deputy approached the vehicle on the passengers side and informed the male driver the reason for the stop. The driver stated he was not from around here and was unfamiliar with the actual speed limit for the roadway. The deputy asked for the driver to provide identification and was identified as Robert Jones.

Mr. Jones stated he was from Indiana and had moved in May of 2015 to Troy with his wife. The deputy asked Mr. Jones for his current address in Troy. Mr. Jones stated he did not know the number or street name of his residence. Mr. Jones provided the registration to the vehicle which was in his wife’s name. Mr. Jones did not have a copy of the insurance information for the vehicle.

After checking Mr. Jones through the data system, Mr. Jones license through Indiana returned as suspended. The must recent suspension was due to excessive points. The deputy advised Mr. Jones he would need a valid driver to come to the scene to drive him and the vehicle. Mr. Jones called his wife who sent a valid driver. Mr. Jones was issued a traffic citation for low speed/impeding traffic and for driving under suspension.

THEFT: A deputy was dispatched to the 8600 block of Sugar Grove Circle Hill, Covington in reference to the theft of items from the residence and garage.

OVERDOSE: A deputy responded to the Paris Court Trailer Park, Piqua, in reference a male who possibly overdosed.

Upon arrival, the deputy located the male to be breathing and unconscious. A syringe was located on scene.

Aug. 29

OVI: A deputy stopped the listed vehicle for a moving violation on N. Market Street, Troy. The deputy made contact with the driver who was identified as the defendant Deann M Clayton. After further investigation Ms. Clayton was found to be under the influence of alcohol and was taken into custody for OVI.

Aug. 30

SUSPICIOUS: A deputy was dispatched to the area of Frederick Garland Rd. and Karns Rd. in reference to a loud crashing sound and the power had gone out.

West Milton Officer Daley arrived on scene first and discovered a single vehicle car crash and was unable to locate anyone around the vehicle. He was unable to get close to the vehicle due to live power lines on the vehicle.

After power was shut off, items of value were discovered in the vehicle and booked into evidence.

Aug. 31

OVI: A deputy stopped the listed vehicle for a moving violation on N. Dorset, Troy. The deputy made contact with the driver who was identified as the defendant Bradley A Bridges. After further investigation Mr. Bridges was found to be under the influence and was taken into custody for OVI.

FRAUD: A Piqua resident reported the theft and use of her credit card.

TV STOLEN: A deputy was dispatched to the 1200 block of Edward Drive, Tipp City, in reference to a breaking and entering complaint. The homeowner reported that sometime over the weekend, a television was stolen out of his detached garage. Nothing else inside the building appears to have been touched or moved.

WALLET RECOVERED: A resident in the 1200 block of Edward Drive, Tipp City reported she found a wallet in her backyard a few days ago. The owner of the wallet was located and the property returned to him.

Sept. 1

ASSIST HEALTH DEPARTMENT: A deputy was dispatched to 135 E. Keller Street, Bradford, on an assist agency call. A deputy responded there and spoke to, Tyrese Tyson, with the Health Department. This residence was later condemned by the Health Department. The occupant was asked to leave and she did.

FRAUD: A West Milton resident reported a fraud and theft of his Huntington Bank debit card.

WARRANT: A deputy attempted to make a traffic stop on the listed vehicle in the area of State Route 40 and Palmer Rd. After activating emergency lights and siren, the vehicle accelerated at a high rate of speed eastbound of State Route 40. The vehicle continued east into Clark County past Tecumseh Middle School. The deputy located the vehicle just east of the Middle School facing east bound in the west bound lane and was unoccupied. The deputy recovered a cell phone in the driver’s side seat.

The deputy was able to speak to the registered owner’s daughter Kali Stinson who stated that her friend Justin was the one driving the vehicle and had just left a address on Singer Rd. The deputy was able to locate a name of Justin Rowland in a data system. Kali was able to identify Rowland as the driver through his driver”s license photo.

Charges will be filed against Justin Rowland. A warrant will be issued due to his whereabouts being unknown.

Sept. 2

WARRANT: Deputies were dispatched to the 4600 block of Fletcher Road, Covington, on a subject with a warrant. Dispatched advised that Joseph Slusher was at the residence and had a warrant out of Youngstown, Ohio. Upon arrival, deputies made contact with Joseph’s mother who advised that he had just left to turn himself in at Youngstown. She was told her to call him and have him turn around.

Joseph arrived on scene a short time later. Dispatch confirmed the warrant. Joseph was placed in handcuffs and was transported to the downtown jail in Miami County without incident.

LOST PROPERTY: A resident in the 1200 block of Edward Road, Tipp City reported that he found a weed trimmer and a small gas can in his yard Friday morning. He turned the items over and at this time, it is unknown who they belong to or where they came from.

SEX OFFENDER VIOLATION: A deputy responded to the 600 block of Young Street, Piqua, for a sex offender address verification.

The deputy was advised by the home owner that the offender, Corrie Felver has not lived there for several weeks. She placed it around the first week of August 2015. She stated he is currently living at 1858 Parkway Dr. in Piqua. She filled out a witness statement on the matter.