Marriage licenses

Haley Jean Farr, 22, of 1330 Kenton Way, Troy to Ryan Jack Miller, 22, of 5150 N 99th Avenue Apt. 2008, Glendale, Ariz.

Crystal Lynn Hutton, 35, of 124 South Street, Piqua to Cameron Allan Jackson, 28, of 623 Beverly Drive, Piqua.

Justin Michael Grimes, 29, of 224 Rolling Acres Drive, Tipp City to Brittani Erinn Morgan, 33, of same address.

Sarah Ann Jimenez, 60, of 376 N. 4th, Tipp City to Clifford Guy Stevens Jr., 60, of same address.

Erin Ashley Grant, 30, of 211 E. Water Street, Troy to Andrew Remlinger Luring, 36, of 478 Robinhood Lane, Troy.

Brent Jeffrey Schlater, 29, of 2011 E. Azalea Drive, Chandler, Ariz. to Madison Karren Richardson, 23, of same address.

Ronald Lee King, 61, of 417 S. Mulberry Street, Troy to Sharrie Lynn Hines, 61, of 2166 LeFevre Road, Troy.

Desmond Ronald Chuney, 26, of 624 West Walnut, Tipp City to Mayra Yareli Botello, 26, of same address.

John Steven Bailey, 38, of 329 Wilson Avenue, Piqua to Belinda Jill Gariety, 42, of same address.

Brandy Lee Hyden, 37, of 580 Staunton Commons Apt. A, Troy to David Lee Mong, 47, of same address.

Megan Nicole Cotterman, 26, of 1858 Wilshire Drive, Piqua to Joshua Eugene Finley, 30, of same address.

Bonnie Sue Littlejohn, 32, of 1102 Peters Road, Troy to Joshua Gregory Lurie, 32, of 1102 Peters Road, Troy.

Kelsey Ann Gosnell Dropsey, 24, of 1307 Garbry Road, Piqua to Alexander Lewis Smith, 24, of same address.

Michael Thomas Clark, 31, of 7535 N. McMaken Road, Covington to Lindsey Lee Ward, 26, of same address.

Jocelyne Valverde, 23, of 1050 D. Laurel Tree Court, Troy to Pedro Hernandez-Avila, 29, of same address.

Boyce J. Ballinger, 45, of 13421 Ravine Trail, Fort Wayne, Ind. to Heather Nicole Partin, 32, of same address.

Nissa Marie Mullins, 23, of 30 Maxwell Court, Tipp City to William Dalton Bramlette, 26, of same address.

Chelsea Lorene Myers, 26, of 121 Bevonne Court Apt. C, West Milton to Christopher Scott Feightner, 30, of same address.

Kodi Michael Paulus, 22, of 9625 Milton-Potsdam Road, West Milton to Hannah Emily Houser, 21, of same address.

Julia Caitlyn Arwood,22, of 1202 Nicklin Avenue, Piqua to Brandon Link, 24, of same address.

Allie Rae DeLuco, 24, of 2048 Sugar Maple Loop S., Tipp City to Travis Wayne Hall, 25, of same address.

Mercedes Lynn Zwiesler, 23, of 1259 Hilltop Drive Apt. 1, Troy to Matthew Lee Young, 29, of same address.

Morgan Joseph McCollough, 19, of 526 First Street, Piqua to Shania Twain Black, 19, of same address.