Commissioners form security committee

By Cecilia Fox -

MIAMI COUNTY — At their meeting Tuesday, the Miami County Commissioners appointed a committee to study security options for the Safety Building and the county courthouse.

The commissioners voted to establish a committee of county officials and residents to investigate options for improving security at both buildings.

The Security Study Committee will study and present plans for consideration.

The commissioners appointed Commissioner Greg Simmons, Sheriff Dave Duchak, Judge Gary Nasal, Auditor Matthew Gearhardt, Facilities and Operations Director Chris Johns, Assistant Municipal Prosecutor Andrew Johnson and citizen Charles Frank.

The commissioners also approved an annexation petition for a 1.9 acre portion of Concord Township to the City of Troy.

The board found that the petition met all of the requirements and conditions of the Ohio Revised Code, including that the property shares a contiguous boarder with the city, does not create and unincorporated islands, that the City has passed an ordinance agreeing to provide the property with municipal services, and that the annexation will not divide a street or highway in a manner that creates a road maintenance issue.

The property to be annexed is owned by Scott and Keara Strayer.

By Cecilia Fox

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