Council OK’s TCW request for more funding

Approximately $1 million federal grant for 1-3 East Main Street to be invested

By Melanie Yingst -

TROY — Troy City Council approved a resolution requesting an increase of funding to the Troy Community Works organization for the restoration of the Coleman-Allen-Saidleman building at 1-3 E. Main Street on Monday.

Council member Bobby Phillips was not present.

Council approved a Community Development Block Grant in 2015 with progress requirements, which would release funds as improvements were made. The progress requirements and funding release schedule will remain in place. The resolution will modify the wording of the funding to Troy Community Works as a grant rather than a forgivable loan. The resolution increases funding from the original $850,000 to $1 million and will release the mortgage as security. The CDBG funds are state and federal funding dollars to prevent urban blight. There is CDBG funding available to meet the request, according to officials. The estimated total cost of construction is $2.1 million, including an elevator and fire protection.

Council member Robin Oda noted the video recording of the finance meeting discussing the request was not online prior to Monday’s meeting. The finance committee met on July 31. According to YouTube, the video was posted online on Aug. 7.

Oda asked for a clarification of the term “forgivable loan” which Director of Public Service and Safety Patrick Titterington said prior to approval the funding would work like “a grant.”

“So the city is basically paying $1 million for this building?” Oda said.

“It is basically a grant through the CDBG revolving loan,” Titterington said. Titterington said the Troy Community Works’ charter requires the funds to be reinvested into other downtown projects and projects as revenue is generated by the building’s lease.

Following discussion, President Marty Baker said the funding uses federal dollars and is not funded by the city.

Kent Frauenberger, treasurer of Troy Community Works, thanked council for their support of the project.

“I’m confident and very hopeful it’s going to help us with the continued remodel of the Coleman-Allen building on the Square,” he said.


Council approved the ordinance 7-1 to authorize the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages during a concert on Prouty Plaza held by the Pink Ribbon Girls organization on Oct. 6. Council member Bill Twiss voted against the ordinance.

The “Paint the Town Pink” event is to raise funds to support Pink Ribbon Girls non-profit. The organization will be supplying its own beer truck. The Public Square would be closed at Cherry Street, Franklin Street, Walnut Street, and Water Street beginning at 3 p.m. Oct. 6.

President Marty Baker asked how police on the street would distinguish alcohol from other containers from an outside source like another bar.

Titterington said the alcohol would be served in plastic cup like at other events on Treasure Island and Prouty Plaza.

Council member John Terwilliger asked what the particular rules and guidelines apply to outside organizations wanting to use and consume alcohol on public property.

Titterington said the details include set up and tear down times, security and staging and where the beer truck could be located.

“It will mirror in many ways the arrangement and agreement worked out with the Tour de Donut and Rock the Bike event in the middle of September,” Titterington said.

Titterington said the venue will be fenced off for the consumption of sales within the area of the road closings.

“They will be checking IDs at the gates and providing bracelets for those over 21 and so they’ll be strictly regulating that,” Titterington said.

Other council news:

Council approved the ordinances for a wage ordinance amendment to reflect the restructuring of staff of certain utility employees. Council also approved the street foreman’s hourly salary increase and to amend the hourly wage of the street foreman to earn $36.24 per hour effective Aug. 20, 2017, and $36.95 per hour beginning in 2018. The current wage is $33.99 per hour. The scope of responsibility and requirements of the city’s three foremen would bring the street foreman’s position pay up to their rate. Other utility workers are to receive varying pay increases depending on their position.

Council approved the ordinance to establish an Assessment Equalization Board appointments, meeting date and times. The board would hear appeals filed related to the estimated assessments for the sidewalk portion of the North Market Street Improvement Project Phase II. The recommendation of the AEB include Rena Gumerlock, William Rozell and Roberta Jacobs. The first meeting will be held on Aug. 22 at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall. Residents will be notified by certified letter of meeting times, according to city staff.

Mayor Michael Beamish reported to the council Susan Westfall was appointed to the board of park commissioners. She will fill the unexpired term through July 2018 of Becky Pierce who resigned last month.

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Approximately $1 million federal grant for 1-3 East Main Street to be invested

By Melanie Yingst

Follow Melanie Yingst on Twitter @Troydailynews

Follow Melanie Yingst on Twitter @Troydailynews