Faulder disqualified in MMA debut

She’s now pondering pro contract offer

By Jim Painter - For The Daily Call



WYANDOTTE, Mich. – A tenth of a second made the difference in the result in professional debut of Chelsea Faulder of Piqua in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) competition on Saturday. She was disqualified for an illegal head kick to a downed opponent late in the bout.

Despite the technical loss, Faulder has been offered a six-match deal by MMA officials.

Faulder, 26, was competing in the Strawweight Division (106-115 pounds) taking on 34-year-old Kyna “The Sensation” Sisson of Michigan in the King of the Cage Second Coming event at the Yack Arena when the referee made the disqualifying decision. It occurred with 48 seconds left in the bout that was scheduled for three 5-minute rounds.

According to Faulder, she had grabbed Sisson’s leg when her foe attempted a kick. They then fell into the cage wall with Faulder having the upper hand. She explained that a “grounded opponent” is one who has three of four points of contact (such as hands and feet) on the mat. Kicks to the head are illegal if a foe is in that position, she said.

“I had been making kicks like that during the match but they were always when she wasn’t in that position. I saw she both feet down, so I kicked her like before. If I would have waited a tenth of a second I don’t think it would have happened,” Faulder said.

The 2009 Jackson Center High School graduate feels the match was being evenly scored as she held her own. She is confident her hand would have been raised in victory.

“I went into that match wanting to knock her out. She had been (trash) talking me and others. So, I feel justice was served and I’m proud of my effort in that match.”

The match is being reviewed by the Michigan state boxing commission, Faulder reported.

“Actually, I’m proud that I went up there and did what I wanted to do. Because if I had lost I would have been devastated because I can’t stand losing,”

Faulder previously told the SDN her daughter, 6-year-old Cheyenne, is her motivation to succeed. Cheyenne usually accompanies her mother to the cage before the match, but not Saturday.

Production snafus did not sit well with the fighter.

First, her daughter was not permitted to accompany her to the ring due to her age and uncertain reaction to the crowd atmosphere. Secondly, her walk-out music could not be played due to the promotion not having the contracted rights to play the music that was created by her brother-in-law specifically for her matches. Also, delays in the starting time of her bout hampered her physical and emotional preparedness before entering the cage.

Fight promoters, pleased with Fielder’s match, have offered her a six-match deal. She and her fiancé and MMA coach Johnny Conner of Piqua are mulling over details of the pact. The couple will be married on Oct. 27.

Faulder is unsure when her next bout will be. A September offer was too soon due to physical recovery from Saturday. She noted Cheyenne starts first grade soon and planning an October wedding is taking the immediate priority.

She’s now pondering pro contract offer

By Jim Painter

For The Daily Call

The writer is a regular contributor.

The writer is a regular contributor.