Miami County Sheriff’s Office reports

Information provided by the Miami County Sheriff’s Office:

July 26

MAIL THEFT: A resident in the 4000 block of State Route 201, Tipp City, reported an item was stolen from her mailbox.

JAIL ISSUE: A deputy was dispatched to the Miami County Jail in reference to Mr. Skelley having a large laceration on the back of his head and had to be transported to UVMC for staples. After further investigation, Cody Mills was charged with assault.

July 27

THEFT: A managed called for a deputy to respond to the 1931 W. State Route 36 at Dollar General in Washington Township. The district manager called to report a suspicious male who had possibly taken anti-freeze from the business and wished to have him trespassed from Dollar General Stores in Miami and Darke County.

July 28

DAMAGE: A deputy responded to the Miami County jail reference a criminal damage. At the end of the investigation an inmate was charged with criminal damaging.

THEFT: A deputy was dispatched to the listed address for a theft complaint in the 400 block of West State Route 571, Tipp City.

July 29

OVI: A deputy observed a vehicle traveling west on Montgomery County Line Road, West Milton, at a speed higher than the legal limit. The deputy attempted to initiate a stop on the vehicle however it continued west and turned onto Mote Road continuing to pick up speed. The deputy caught up to the vehicle as it was pulling into the driveway of 7910 Mote Road. The vehicle attempted to fit between the garage and the house, striking the garage and continued back behind the garage where it finally came to rest. As the deputy was exiting the vehicle, a large barking dog was loose and the neighbors assisted by containing it. As the deputy was approaching the area between the house and garage, I could see an adult male running from the area of the vehicle, climb onto a deck and jump in a pool in the backyard. The deputy ordered him out of the pool and as he stepped out, the deputy saw him drop a set of keys. The male was dressed in jeans and shoes, his T-shirt was laying on the ground between the vehicle and the pool. The male, Glenn Wolfe, denied he was driving, stating he was simply hanging out by the pool. The pool also had a cover on it, covering most of the water. The male was placed into custody and later charged with speed, expired operators license, fleeing and eluding and operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

THEFT: A deputy responded to the 8400 block of Covington-Gettysburg Road, Covington, for a theft complaint. The reporting party advised someone came on his property and took his RV steps.

OVERDOSE: The Bethel Squad was dispatched to an apartment on US Rt. 40 on a report of a 24 year old male suffering a reported possible diabetic emergency. The female caller reported that at some point the male had turned blue. The squad arrived and reported that it was not a diabetic emergency with the implication that the medical emergency was actually a drug overdose. They ultimately transported the male to the Huber Health Center.

July 30

THEFT: A resident in the 2500 block of Ginghamsburg Road, Tipp City, reported jewelry missing from their home during an open house showing.

July 31

FIRECRACKERS: A resident in the 1900 block of State Route 201, Casstown, reported someone set off a box of fire crackers in his mailbox sometime over the weekend.

Aug. 1

FRAUD: A Troy resident came to the sheriff’s office to turn in two fake checks he received. The resident had a garden tiller listed for sale on Craigslist, and was contacted via text message from a potential buyer. The buyer wanted to send the resident a cashiers check for the price of the tiller, plus the cost of a moving company to pick up the tiller. The buyer then wanted the resident to send the extra amount to the moving company. When the resident received the check, it was for more than $3,000 above the cost of the tiller. He suspected it was fake and did not try to go cash it. He also did not send any money of his own to the address given for the movers. The next day, the resident received another check for $1,680 from a different bank, and different remitter name.

He again suspected it was fake and brought the checks to the sheriff’s office to be destroyed. Since the mailing of the checks, the buyer has been asking the resident to deposit the checks and send the other funds as requested. The resident called the buyer out on his scam, and advised he is tearing up the checks. There has been no reply from the buyer since then. The deputy searched the addresses on the envelopes to find they are not real addresses. The deputy also called the phone number that he was texting with and it does not appear to be working anymore. The resident said he is not out any money of his own, and just wanted the sheriff’s office to be aware of it.

DRUG ISSUE: A deputy was dispatched to Friend Street, Ludlow Falls, for a report that Edward Griffieth was out outside the residence with knives, throwing them around, sticking them in the ground and stabbing a black coat with them. The caller reported Griffieth was yelling at people that were not there and was yelling there were bugs crawling on him. Griffieth was arrested for disorderly conduct , inducing panic and on a search incident to arrest a small baggie a suspected methamphetamine fell out of the inside of his shorts. Griffieth was also charged with drug possession. He was incarcerated after being medically cleared from the hospital.

THEFT: A resident in the 3000 block of Peterson Road, Lostcreek Twp., reported two packages were stolen from his porch of his home. The tracking numbers showed they were delivered.

IDENTITY THEFT: A deputy responded to the report of identity theft in Pleasant Hill. The complainant was provided several pieces of information including phone numbers to call regarding the matter. The complainant advised a credit card was attempted to be opened in his name. At the time of the call the complainant had already contacted the credit bureaus at set up protection to monitor his social security number and accounts. The complainant was provided a case number for his records.

Aug. 2

THEFT: A theft was reported in the 100 block of East First Street, Fletcher.

MENACING: Deputies responded to a menacing complaint at the Job and Family Services Center in Troy.

KICKING UP DUST: The reporting party reported while she and her juvenile, brother were riding four-wheelers, on their family’s property in the North Walnut and Elm Street area, Covington, , someone driving a red pickup truck almost hit them. The reporting party also said the male got out of the truck and threw a rock at them as they rode by on their four-wheelers. The male driving the pickup truck was identified. The subject said he was upset because the four-wheelers were kicking up a bunch of dust; so he went to confront them. Due to the victim not wanting to press charges this case was closed prosecution declined.

ASSAULT: A deputy responded to David L. Brown Youth Center in reference to an assault complaint.

SUSPICIOUS: A resident in the 8200 block of Union Church Road, Newberry Twp. reported a suspicious vehicle on her property twice in the last week. An unknown vehicle showed up Friday, July 28 around 2 p.m. The vehicle went all the way down their driveway, stopped by the garage then left.

Today the same color vehicle came down the driveway and a female exited the vehicle and knocked on the door. The reporting party’s dog went around the front of the house and apparently scared the suspects off.

The vehicle was described as a newer Chrysler four-door sedan with very dark tinted windows.

JAIL INCIDENT: A deputy responded to a fight in the downtown jail with dispatch requesting all available units.

When the deputy arrived on scene the correction staff already had the listed involved individuals separated. The deputy made contact with a Eddie Griffith in the medical room of the jail. Eddie stated everyone in his cell jumped him. Eddie stated he was laying in his bonk sleeping when the fight occurred. The deputy observed multiple bruises and cuts to Eddie’s face and body. Multiple deputies and Troy officers also were on scene to assist.

The deputy requested a squad for Eddie Griffith. Deputy Stein followed the squad to Upper Valley Medical Center. The correction staff transferred the inmates in Eddie’s cell to another cell. Before speaking to all four suspects, they were advised of their Miranda Custodial Warning.

While speaking to Cody Mills, the deputy observed multiple cuts on his arms and hands. A deputy questioned Cody about the altercation. Cody advised he does not want to speak with law enforcement and doesn’t know what happened.

While speaking to Jordan Harville, he advised Eddie stated he looked familiar. Jordan told Eddie his father had been in the jail before. Eddie made some negative comments about Jordan’s father. Jordan stated his father had recently passed away. Jordan advised after Eddie made the comments he started punching him. While speaking to Eric Santos, he advised he was not anywhere near the fight. He advised he was at the other end of the cell writing a letter. Eric stated he didn’t hear the conversation or saw who initiated the fight. After investigation, Cody Mills and Jordan Harville will be charged with assault.

HIT SKIP: A deputy was dispatched to the 5000 block of State Route 55, Casstown, for a possible crash only heard by the caller. After further investigation the driver of the vehicle was found and charged with OVI and hit skip

CRIMINAL DAMAGE: A deputy responded to the 6400 block of Mulberry Grove Rakestraw Road, Covington, on a report of a criminal damage. A deputy spoke to the victim who reported damage to his truck, mailbox, and snow plow. Case pending.