County jail to purchase body scanner

Device to help spot smuggled contraband

By Cecilia Fox -

MIAMI COUNTY — On Tuesday, the Miami County Commissioners approved the purchase of a body scanner for the jail, which will help jail staff spot smuggled contraband, including narcotics and weapons.

“This piece of technology will greatly enhance the safety and security of our staff and the inmates. A lot of jails are going to this technology. I think it’s going to be really good and should really help keep bad things out of the jail,” Sheriff Dave Duchak said.

All inmates will be scanned whenever they enter either jail facility, including reentry following court appearances, Duchak said.

The Sheriff’s Office will purchase a Soter RS full body scanning system for $118,750, which includes shipping, installation, calibration and testing, and operator training, as well as technical support, bi-annual calibration and annual software upgrade.

Duchak said that it should be delivered and installed in the downtown jail within the next few months. He added that the county’s facilities department has already been making adjustments to ready the building for installation.

“There’s no question about it, it’s badly needed,” Commissioner Jack Evans said.

Many surrounding counties have bought or are considering body scanners, and many are using the same model that Miami County is buying, Duchak added.

Duchak proposed the purchase to the board in May, saying that it is in response to recent overdoses in the jail as a result of contraband coming in with inmates.

He said at that meeting that there have been several overdoses in the jail in the last few years, including one overdose death.

According to OD Security’s website the Soter RS system takes 10 seconds to scan the body and can detect metal, plastic, organic and inorganic materials.

Device to help spot smuggled contraband

By Cecilia Fox

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