Walk with Mayor tours Ward 2

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PIQUA – Mayor Kazy Hinds held her second Walk with the Mayor event this summer in Ward 2 this week. With her were Commissioner Bill Vogt, City Manager Gary Huff, and City Planner Chris Schmiesing.

One of the highlighted discussions was about the former Favorite Hill school site. While there are many possibilities, the future use of that site is still unclear.

“It’s still owned by the school district,” Schmiesing said.

While the property does not belong to the city, city officials have had some discussions with the Piqua City Schools district about potential uses for the site. Those possibilities include potential developing the site by running a street through it and developing nearby lots, either with a business or more homes. Schmiesing also said there is interest in keeping it a green space, which the school district is currently maintaining it as.

“It’s not a lack of opportunity,” Schmiesing said.

One of the other concerns expressed during the walk was the condition of Ellerman Street.

“That is the sore spot of my ward,” Vogt said.

Huff said that the city is spending $2.3 million on paving while making their way through the city for their repaving program. Huff noted that repaving also requires work on reconstructing the base underneath roads.

“Unless you fix the base, you’re not fixing the problem,” Huff said.

Code enforcement was also brought up during the walk. Huff said that, since the code enforcement officer was hired last June, the city has cited over 700 situations for properties not in compliance with the city code. There have been around 225 citations issued for nuisance and grass violations. The city has also condemned 12 properties.

“He is out running every day,” Hinds said about the code enforcement officer.

Schmiesing said that approximately 70 percent of the cited property owners comply with the citations voluntarily. Schmiesing also noted that the city has condemned 12 properties.

The city is continuing to move through the main corridors to look for any violations.

Vogt also expressed concerns about older residents who may not be able to maintain parts of their property themselves and they may not also be able to afford to pay someone to fix it for them. Huff said that, for those residents, the city’s HELP program, the Housing Enhancement League of Piqua, can try and assist them. The HELP program has completed big repairs for residents in need, such as replacing and HVAC system. They also have had volunteers complete smaller tasks like tree trimming for residents.

For more information about the HELP program, visit piquaoh.org/housing-enhancement-league-of-piqua-help/ or contact Resource Coordinator Nikki Reese, Piqua development program manager at nreese@piquaoh.org or (937) 778-2062.


By Sam Wildow


Reach Sam Wildow at swildow@aimmedianetwork.com or (937) 451-3336

Reach Sam Wildow at swildow@aimmedianetwork.com or (937) 451-3336