Miami County Sheriff’s Office reports

Information provided by Miami County Sheriff’s Office:

June 13

THEFT: A resident in the 100 block of East Main Street, Bradford, reported a package was stolen from their porch.

THEFT: A deputy was dispatched to the 5000 block of Casstown Sidney Rd. in reference to a theft complaint.

JAIL INCIDENT: A deputy was dispatched to an assault not in progress at the Downtown Jail. Several inmates were involved, and charges are pending at this time.

June 14

SEX OFFENDER CHECK: A deputy attempted to check the listed address for Marcia Betts for a random address verification. After numerous checks and no one answering the door at any time, the deputy looked through law enforcement history and found that Piqua police took a report on May 29 where Marcia was reportedly living at an address on Roosevelt with her boyfriend and another female. Further along in the report it shows that Marcia also has property at an address on Main Street in Piqua. This case will be under investigation and a call has been made to her probation officer.

WELFARE CHECK: A deputy checked the residence in the 7600 block of Kessler Frederick Road, West Milton, after a call was made to check the home. The homeowner said they were moving and that is why the home was a mess. A young child, wheelchair bound, was in the home, but had no way to maneuver the wheelchair in the home due to the conditions. The deputy asked to see the bedrooms of the children. The parents said they were moving and that was why two mattresses were propped against the wall. The home had food and working utilities. Children Services was advised.

THEFT: A Troy resident reported a go-cart was stolen by his shed. Address was not clear.

WARRANT: A deputy stopped the listed vehicle for a speed violation on Montgomery County Line Road, Tipp City. The deputy made contact with the driver, Ryan Horan and informed him of the reason for the stop. Ryan was found to have an active warrant for a probation violation out of Miami County. The other two passengers, Nicholas Ferguson and Randy Baldauf, were found to be under suspension. They were able to call for an Uber to get home. The vehicle was parked off the side of the road waiting for Ryan’s family to pick it up. The deputy transported Ryan to the incarceration facility where he was handed over to jail staff.

June 15

DOG ISSUE: A deputy responded to the 9500 block of Country Club Road, Springcreek Twp., in reference to a barking dog complaint. The barking was heard during the entire conversation with the reporting party. The owner of the dog was contacted and warned.

TRESPASSING: Individuals were found to be on the property of Stillwater Church without permission. They were all warned for trespassing and bridge jumping. They were advised if found here again they would be cited for trespassing. All stated they understood, gathered their belongings and left the area.

STOLEN PROPERTY: A deputy responded to the 5700 block of State Route 55, Lostcreek Twp., in reference to a dirt bike being located in a tree line. The reporting party showed the deputy the bike and stated he believes it was left last night due to walking his property everyday. The dirt bike was a Suzuki DR-Z 125cc It was advised it was stolen out of Springfield, OH.

After it was confirmed stolen it was towed by Hart’s Towing to the Miami County Training Center and placed in the pole barn.

BURGLARY COMPLAINT: A burglary complaint was filed in the 6000 block of State Route 40, Tipp City.

June 16

BURGLARY: A deputy responded to the 1200 block of Maple Street, Concord Twp. after the resident called 911 to report a burglary complaint. This case is pending further investigation.

TRESPASSING: A deputy was dispatched to a trespassing complaint in the 3600 block of State Route 41, Troy. The reporting party stated her juvenile nephew snuck in her pool area the previous night and had a party and did damage to the home. After investigation the juvenile was cited for Criminal Damage and Criminal Trespass.

June 17

SUSPICIOUS: A resident in the 10000 block of State Route 55, Union Twp., observed a yellow Dodge Neon in his driveway. He approached the vehicle and it quickly backed down the driveway and left the area. The resident was able to follow the vehicle into Laura and write down the license plate.

ACCIDENT: While investigation the listed crash, a deputy could smell a strong odor of alcohol from the Ford Focus. A search was conducted of the interior. There were several broken bottles and what appeared to be an unopened beer box smashed on the back floor board. Lt. Tennant located a foam bottle cover on the front passenger floor board where Mr. Caleb Covault was seated. The cover had a baggy of marijuana in it. The deputy spoke to both individuals separately inside the ambulances. Neither had an odor of alcohol on their person or showed any indicators of intoxication. Mr. Covault admitted the marijuana was his and was charged accordingly.

JAIL INCIDENT: A deputy was dispatched the Miami County Incarceration Facility for an assault complaint.

June 18

K9 DETAIL: A deputy responded to the Royal Inn Motel to assist Troy Police attempt to locate multiple subjects that had fled from them. K9 Bear was deployed for the search.

THEFTS NOT IN PROGRESS: Several reports of vehicles were gone through in the following areas: 6900 block of Marijean Drive, Monroe Twp; 6500 Roberta Drive, Tipp City; 6700 Bejay Drive, 400 block of Kent Road, Tipp City. Some various items were reported stolen, but no damage to the vehicles. A resident in the 100 block of Floral Acres Drive, Monroe Twp. reported a suspicious vehicle in the neighborhood.

TRAIN RIDER: A deputy was dispatched to the area of East Main Street and the CSX railroad crossing of a report of a male riding on the train. He was arrested and incarcerated.

JAIL INCIDENT: A deputy responded to the Miami County Incarceration facility in reference to an assault complaint. Two listed inmates were in an altercation. Inmate Brown was determined to be the aggressor and a charge of felonious assault was filed on him.

June 19

JAIL INCIDENT: A deputy responded to the Miami County Jail for a assault complaint. Upon arrival Correction staff informed the deputy an assault had taken place between Joshua Hayes and Jeffrey Hammons.

While speaking to Jeffery, he stated Joshua had hit him and took his breakfast. The deputy observed a small cut inside of Jeffery’s lip and a bruise on his left arm. Jeffrey stated he does not want to file charges and would like to be separated from Joshua.

While speaking to Joshua, he advised Jeffery had sneezed on his breakfast. After Jeffery sneezed on his breakfast he slapped him.

The deputy advised Joshua he will be charged with Disorderly Conduct.