Miami County Sheriff’s Office reports

Information provided by the Miami County Sheriff’s Office:

June 11

GUNSHOT: A New Carlisle resident called 911 after accidentally shooting herself in her left hand. The reporting party was walking out of the house with her left hand wrapped in a towel. She stated she was removing the handgun from its case when she tripped over an item on the floor, dropping the gun. She stated she knew better but reached for the gun to try to catch it and it went off, striking her left hand. The reporting party was the only one home and all evidence at the scene matched with what she had stated. The shell casing was located and was in a location consistent with her story. The bullet itself was unable to be located. Pictures were obtained and will be booked into evidence. She was transported by Bethel squad to Grandview medical Center.

COYOTE HUNTING: A deputy was dispatched to the 8500 block of Casstown Sidney, Casstown, on shots fired heard in the area. The complainant was found on a ATV riding around his property. He admitted that he had been hunting coyotes on his property. He was told to park the ATV and stop for the night. He did so without issue. The parents of the complainant said they were home at the time and agreed that he had been trying to keep coyotes away from the chickens on the property

June 12

SEX OFFENDER: A deputy responded to the 200 block of South Roosevelt Avenue, Piqua, to do a address verification check of sex offender Gregory Howery. The deputy spoke to the homeowner who stated that Howery had moved to Kettering more than a month ago and was supposed to have registered there.

THEFT: A resident in the 1900 block of Woodbine Court, Troy, reported a trail cam stolen.

FAKE CASH: An employee at Big Mikes BP in Bethel Twp. reported a fake $100 bill.

DRUG TAKE BACK: At the request of Honda, the Sheriff’s Office participated in a prescription drug drop program at American Honda on June 6. The deputy collected 1.02 pounds of prescription medication.

THEFT: A resident in the 1800 block of S. County Road 25-A, Troy, reported that his chipper/shredder was stolen out of his front yard.

ANIMAL ISSUE: A reporting party stated there was a dog tied up in the 5000 block of Kessler Frederick Road, Union Twp. with no food or water. The deputy responded and made contact with the home owner. He advised he has a 2 year old German Shepherd in his back yard. The dog did not have water. The dog has a dog house but no shade at all. The deputy explained to the homeowner this is the second time the deputies have responded and the dog did not have water. The deputy advised the owner it was very hot today and would be the rest of the week. The deputy suggested the owner move the dog to a shaded area he has in his backyard and get a large bucket of water for the dog. The deputy said she would be documenting this incident and would be back to follow up tomorrow. She advised the owner the dog needed to have a constant source of water in this heat. The owner advised he would get the dog a large water bucket and move her to a better area by tomorrow. He stated he did get her water and she had drank it all right before the deputy arrived. The deputy will also be advising the Miami County Animal Shelter of the report.

June 14

THEFT: A deputy responded to the 100 block of E. Main St., Bradford, in reference to a package which had been stolen from the porch on March 20. There are no suspects at this time. Documentation was requested.

THEFT: A deputy was dispatched to the 5000 block of Casstown Sidney Rd. in reference to a theft complaint.

JAIL INCIDENT: A deputy was dispatched to an assault not in progress at the Downtown Jail. Several inmates were involved, and charges are pending at this time.

WELFARE CHECK: A deputy made a welfare check in the 7600 block of Kessler Frederick Road, West Milton. A report to The home had utilities and food, but was very cluttered and the children did not have a place to sleep. Children Services was to be filed upon the home inspection.

THEFT: A resident in the Troy area reported the listed go-cart was stolen from his residence. It was sitting outside on the pavement by his shed and was not locked. He is requesting extra checks in the area at night.

June 15

WARRANT: A deputy initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle for a brake violation in the 9000 block of Palmer Road, Bethel Twp. Subsequently, the driver was taken into custody on an active warrant out of Clark County. The driver was also cited with the brake violation, expired registration, obstructed view of windshield and failure to reinstate. The driver was transported to the Downtown Jail, and the vehicle was parked off the roadway where it was locked and secured. The keys to the vehicle were given to a valid driver with the permission from the registered owner

DOG ISSUE: A deputy responded to the 9500 block of Country Club Road, Springcreek Twp. in reference to a barking dog complaint. The barking was heard during the entire conversation with the reporting party. The owner of the dog was contacted and warned.

TRESPASSING: Individuals were found to be on the property of Stillwater Church without permission. They were all warned for trespassing and bridge jumping. They were advised if found again they would be cited for trespassing. All stated they understood, gathered their belongings and left the area.

FOUND PROPERTY: A deputy responded to the 5700 block of State Route 55, Lostcreek Twp. in reference to a dirt bike being located in a tree line. The reporting party showed the deputy the bike and stated he believes it was left last night due to walking his property everyday. The dirt bike was a Suzuki DR-Z 125cc. Dispatch advised it was stolen out of Springfield, OH. After it was confirmed stolen it was towed by Hart’s Towing to the Miami County Training Center and placed in the pole barn.

BURGLARY: A deputy responded to a report of a burglary in the 6000 block of State Route 40, Tipp City.