City’s new strategic plan available

By Sam Wildow -

PIQUA — The city of Piqua has come up with new five-year strategic plan, which is now available.

“The overall purpose is to stay focused,” City Manager Gary Huff said.

Huff explained that the purpose of having a strategic plan is keep the departments focused and to help everyone at the city track their progress.

The strategic plan from 2017-2021 has six different categories: quality of life, public safety and security, infrastructure, financial stability, community appearance and public relations, and energy and environment.

Other goals under those categories include:

• Under quality of life, there are three goals of increasing health opportunities for the community, improving recreation facilities, and promoting placemaking initiatives. Some of the more specific ideas under those goals include expanding urgent care and medical office availability for residents, developing a Community Health Improvement Plan, working with other organizations to help reduce opioid use, continuing with the Community Campus Initiative in Historic East Piqua, and more.

• Under public safety and security, there is the goal of improving public safety and technology capabilities. That goal includes ideas such as continuing efforts to develop a regional public safety training facility, improving a security of network against cyber-terrorism, and continuing to work toward “Predictive Policing.”

• Under infrastructure, there is the goal of completing major projects. Some of those major projects include the Advanced Metering Infrastructure Project, the Water Treatment Plant, the Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrades, the Garbry/Looney Road Roundabout, the Fox Drive Water Tower, the Shawnee Storm Water Project, and others. It also includes the idea of expanding the use of Piqua FAST Fiber.

• Under financial stability, it has the goals of emphasizing growth and development and also pursuing revenue enhancements. Some of the more specific ideas include developing a citywide transportation plan, increasing efforts to expand the housing stock, renewing the income tax street levy, and more.

• Under community appearance and public relations, there are the goals of improving the appearance and attractiveness of the city and expanding efforts to reinvent Piqua’s image. Some ideas include initiating Form Based Code in entrance corridors, continuing code enforcement efforts, continue to improve neighborhood housing, utilizing branding strategies to tell the “Piqua story,” and more.

• Under energy and environment, there is the goal to promote energy and environmental opportunities. Ideas include encouraging the development of solar energy generation facilities, encouraging the development of natural gas generation facility, continuing to convert street lights to LED energy, encouraging recycling, and modernizing the city’s power substations.

“These are things that are important for us to get accomplished,” Huff said.

The first strategic plan that the city created ended in 2016, and according to Huff, the city accomplished almost everything on that list. He explained that the city will create reports periodically to share information with elected officials and city departments on the progress of some of those goals and ideas. This is all to keep the city officials and employees focused on what they want to accomplish over the next five years.

“It’s a wide gamut of things, whether it’s visionary projects that we’re working on or whether it’s operational things we’re working on,” Huff said. “There’s a lot of variety of types of projects … It’s the things that we think are really important to conclude over the next five years.”

By Sam Wildow

Reach Sam Wildow at or (937) 451-3336

Reach Sam Wildow at or (937) 451-3336