Council addresses dog attack

By Sam Wildow -

COVINGTON — Covington Council addressed residents’ concerns during their regular meeting Monday evening, including a recent dog attack that resulted in one dog’s death.

“We’ve taken a very proactive position,” Mayor Ed McCord said about the incident.

In late May, a pit bull reportedly jumped a fence on the 100 block of Pearl Street and attacked a small dog, a black Pomeranian. Janice Hayes, the owner of the Pomeranian, said that when she took her dog to the veterinarian, they found that the dog’s spine was broken.

“Its spine was broke in half,” Hayes said.

The Pomeranian was not able to move either of its back legs, so they had to put the dog down.

“My little dog died,” Hayes said.

Hayes also said that she suffered a minor injury in the attack, but that she was okay due to the pit bull’s owner arriving and stopping the reported attack.

Hayes and her daughter were present during the council’s meeting, expressing concern about the incident and about other people in the area.

“I just worry about other people,” Hayes said.

McCord expressed his sympathies for Hayes, explaining that the owner of the pit bull has been charged and that Covington Chief of Police Lee Harmon is continuing to look into the situation. McCord said that the Covington Police Department is working with the Miami County Animal Shelter to have the pit bull possibly declared dangerous.

“We’re taking it very seriously, and we’re moving forward with it,” McCord said. “This could have been a worse situation, and we know that.”

Also during the public comment portion of the council’s meeting, a resident expressed frustration at the Chestnut Street repaving project. The resident said that, according to a letter he received, the people who have to pay to have their curbs replaced on Chestnut Street are from east of Sharon Street on the north side of the road.

“People on the west side, they’re paving up to the gutters and doing away with the curbs and the whole bit,” he said, saying those residents are not having to pay.

Village Administrator Mike Busse explained that not all of the residents on that street were having to pay, as not all of the residents’ curbs were getting reconstructed and replaced. Some of the curbs are only getting asphalt over the top of them due to the village milling the tops of the curbs to see the conditions of the curbs.

“We’re not replacing the rest of them at this time,” Busse said.

The resident accused the village of “selectively enforcing” the zoning code. Busse said that all of the curbs on Chestnut Street will need to be replaced eventually and that this process of curb replacement is consistent with what the village has done in the past.

During Busse’s administrator report, Busse also updated the council on a number of projects, including the High Street patio. The village ordered fencing from Hess Fence in Versailles and is expected to be installed within the next two weeks, Busse said. The cost is approximately $1,500. Busse also noted that Subway will be donating tables and chairs to the patio, the location of which was originally donated to the village from Sellman’s Furniture.

The village is also trying to address sewer backup problem on Richeson Street by relocating a fire hydrant and replacing a nearby manhole.

“Finfrock Construction will be relocating the fire hydrant at the corner of Chestnut and Sharon Street,” Busse said. The village will also be replacing the manhole on Chestnut Street at Richeson, which Busse noted has been a problem for years.

Later during their meeting, the council waived the three-reading rule and approved the following legislation:

• A resolution accepting the low bid from Ticon Paving in the amount of $101,406.50 for the 2017 street resurfacing program

• A resolution authorizing the transfer of obsolete radio equipment to the Miami County Sheriff’s Office

• A resolution authorizing Fiscal Officer Brenda Carroll to proceed with alternate tax budget procedures

There will be no council meeting on July 3.

Wall Street will also be closed between Wright and Maple streets for a summer camp between June 19-23.

By Sam Wildow

Reach Sam Wildow at or (937) 451-3336

Reach Sam Wildow at or (937) 451-3336