FFA Alumni sponsora scholarships

CASSTOWN — The Miami East FFA Alumni Chapter recently recognized graduates of Miami East High School that had been enrolled in Agricultural Education and members of the FFA Chapter. In order to qualify for the scholarship, the applicants completed an essay on “The Benefits of Agricultural Education” and been active in the FFA chapter for at least one year. Each recipient received a cash scholarship to be used for their further education.

Katie Bodenmiller is the daughter of Mark and Brenda Bodenmiller. She earned the State FFA Degree and participated in Job Interview and Agricultural Sales events. Katie shared, “Agriculture is one of the oldest known professions and provides for the world every single day. Agriculture touches everyone.”

Makenzie Comer is the daughter of Michelle Comer and Jay Comer. She participated in fruit sales and farm safety day. Makenzie shared, “Ag Education has taught me responsibility and patience. I’ve taken on many challenges that I would never have been able to overcome without the help of my friends and teachers from FFA.”

Cameron Coomes is the son of Barry and Barb Coomes. Cameron was involved in the parliamentary procedures event and Project Wild education at the elementary. Cameron says, “Ag Education allows students to see and experience firsthand all the important factors of agriculture. The field trips are the best because of all the first-hand experience!”

Colton Kowalak is the son of Gretchen Kowalak and Mark Kowalak. He helped with the tire recycling days and Ag Day for elementary children. Colton shared, “Whether you raise animals or grow crops anyone is welcome to join. No one will feel left out there’s always something for them to participate in.”

Rachel Davis is the daughter of Lisa Millhouse and Daryl Davis. Rachel participated in horse evaluation and exhibiting items at the FFA Shop & Crop. Rachel says, “Safety on the farm is the most important thing that you have to learn because you could get seriously hurt.”

Carly Gump is the daughter of Kevin and Janet Gump. Carly participated in livestock evaluations and had a gold rated officer book. Carly said, “Ag Education has helped me to come out of my shell and be willing to step up and take charge of classmates.”

Weston Hodge is the son of Steve and Jenny Hodge. Weston earned the State FFA Degree and completed in the Ag Engineering event. Weston shared, “One of the best parts about Agricultural Education is the hands-on learning environment that is involved. It’s the only class that I’ve had where we actually do things and make things with our hands.”

Emma Linn is the daughter of David and Lisa Linn. She served as a chapter officer and was on the State Food Science and Technology team. Emma shared, “I have relied much on my agriculture education class to strengthen my knowledge and gain insight on the importance of production agriculture.”

Austin Niswonger is the son of Eric and Loretta Niswonger. He was involved in farm safety day for second graders and assembly of the winter weather kits for community members. Austin says, “One can also learn many things about soil and it is actually more beneficial than I thought.”

Alyssa Westgerdes is the daughter of Dave and Linda Westgerdes. Alyssa was a State Proficiency Award winner and served as a chapter officer. Alyssa shared, “Through FFA, I have learned so many life lessons and have become the person I am today.”

The Miami East FFA Alumni was able to provide these scholarship recipients with monies because of the generous donations and support of community members through such projects as the Longaberger Basket Bingo in January, quarter auction in April, and the silent auction at the chapter banquet in April.