Donors tackle unpaid school lunch fees

By Cecilia Fox -

TIPP CITY — Across the country, many families struggle to pay for their children’s school lunches.

In Tipp City, some residents are stepping forward to help pay off the school district’s unpaid lunch fees after a little encouragement from The GOON Brothers, a group of anonymous Tipp City natives on a mission to spread generosity in their community.

While they usually organize giveaways and scavenger hunts, the Brothers took to Facebook in late April to ask their followers to consider doing some giving of their own and donating what they can to pay off the nearly $800 in unpaid lunch fees for the Tipp City school district.

”We don’t want our students having to go to school worrying about being hungry, and we know that families can be affected by various circumstances that make paying for lunch difficult,” The GOON Brothers told their Facebook followers.

According to the school district’s Director of Services Gary Pfister, approximately $125 has been donated as of May 3. On May 5, The GOON Brothers said that the total was about $300.

“It’s something we’ve never been done before. We’ve never asked for donations for our unpaid lunch fees,” Pfister said, adding that The GOON Brothers reached out to the district to coordinate donations. “It’s outstanding. When they called, I was thrilled.”

Typically by the end of the school year, the district has anywhere between $500-$800 in unpaid lunch fees, Pfister said.

“We’re probably better off than a lot of districts,” he added.

The balance remaining by the end of the school year will be paid off by the brothers, but they added in their original Facebook post, “knowing Tipp City, we’re hopeful that by the end of next week we’ll have it covered.”

The Brothers are also asking people outside Tipp City to do the same for their local schools. They’re also planning to reach out to the Troy school district to see if donations would be welcome.

“[We] encourage people not connected with the Tipp City school district to check out this need in their own town,” one of The GOON Brothers said. “In the future we are going to try to grow to other schools, areas, etc. However, for some of these opportunities its better for us give back to our communities and hopefully that will encourage others to do the same in their hometown.”

Donations to the Tipp City schools can be dropped off at the Board of Education Office at 90 S. Tippecanoe Drive and marked as “school lunch charges.” Many have chosen to donate anonymously, Pfister said.

By Cecilia Fox

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