City selling rain barrels

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PIQUA — When it rains water runs off into the storm sewer, taking sediment, lawn fertilizers, and other pollutant with it to the nearest waterway. Using a rain barrel reduces runoff pollution and will give the user a free source of water to irrigate with. These rain barrels can help keep water bill costs lower during the spring and summer months.

“Rain barrels offer many benefits. They provide a free source of water for gardening. The rainwater they collect is actually better for plants than treated tap water. They also reduce storm water runoff, which helps protect Piqua’s waterways,” said Piqua’s Water Quality Coordinator Sky Schelle.

Rain barrels collect non-potable water from downspouts to use for watering flowers, vegetables, or your lawn. The barrels are mosquito tight, have a locking lid, and come fully assembled and ready to connect to a hose. When purchasing more than one, the barrels can be stacked for easy transport even in small cars and daisy chained together to collect more than 50 gallons of rain water. During an average rain, a 50-gallon barrel will easily fill up.

Purchases of 50-gallon Ivy rain barrels can be made through the city of Piqua for $70. The barrels are only available online through June 11. Once purchased, you can pick up your barrel on June 17.

For more information on ordering and pick up visit the rain barrel sale website or contact Sky Schelle at 778-2059 or by email

For the Daily Call