Troy man pays $10k in restitution

Moser granted community control for securities fraud

By Melanie Yingst -

MIAMI COUNTY — Miami County Common Pleas Judge Jeannine Pratt ordered Jeremy Moser, 37, of Troy, to serve three years of community control for securities fraud and other related charges.

Moser paid the $10,000 restitution to the victim prior to the sentencing hearing on Monday.

Moser said he “was very, very sorry to cause harm” and claimed he didn’t know what he did was wrong and it wasn’t his intent to defraud the victim.

“I do take responsibility for it. I didn’t intend for this to happen,” he said.

Judge Pratt granted Moser community control. She said she would keep Moser “on a tight leash” after she reviewed his prior criminal record, including passing bad checks and theft, although he hadn’t had a conviction in more than 12 years.

Last September, Moser was indicted in the Miami County Court of Common Pleas on one count each of securities fraud, selling an unregistered security and misrepresentation in the sale of securities and one count of grand theft, all felonies of the fourth degree.

Moser solicited and received $10,000 from an Ohio resident to invest in a startup business, Integrated Tech Solutions (ITS), based in part on misrepresentations that ITS was affiliated with an established business. ITS was never incorporated, and the indictment alleges the investor’s funds were used for personal expenses.

Judge Pratt ordered Moser to serve 100 hours of community service and complete the “Thinking for a Change” program. She reserved 18 months in prison on each count if Moser fails to comply with community control sanctions.

In other court news:

A woman who solicited an undercover Troy Police Department officer at Motel 6 last January was sentenced to serve nine months in prison for fifth degree possession of cocaine on Monday.

Mary Dulen, 29, of St. Paris, was granted 74 days of jail credit. She was denied community control by Judge Pratt due to the lack of a treatment plan. Dulen said she has been a drug addict for four years, with heroin being her drug of choice. Dulen was admitted in to transitional treatment center in Columbus, but absconded from the Alvis House and picked up the drug and soliciting charges in Troy.

On Jan. 27, Troy Police Department arrested Dulen and MacKenzie Leonard, 24, of Piqua, who had her 8-month-old child with her, for soliciting and various drug charges at the Motel 6 on Dorset Road.

Detectives set up a “date” to meet the women who were soliciting sex services on, a classified ads website.

Judge Pratt told Dulen she could work on her addiction issues while in prison due to violating her conditions from a previous drug charge in Champaign County.

She was ordered to pay $125 for lab tests of the drugs to Troy Police Department.

Leonard filed for an in-lieu-of-conviction hearing and will appear in court on May 1.

Moser granted community control for securities fraud

By Melanie Yingst