Students challenged to ‘be great’

Coach gives talk at Breakfast of Champions

By Sam Wildow -

PIQUA — Kids learned on Friday that being great is all about attitude.

Piqua High School boys’ basketball coach and anatomy teacher Heath Butler gave an inspirational talk at the Piqua Central Intermediate School’s (PCIS) third quarter Breakfast of Champions event, encouraging the kids in attendance to keep doing better at school and at life.

“The world needs your best,” Butler said.

The event was a special breakfast held for students who did well in terms of academics and good behavior. The school invited the parents and family members of the approximate 80 students in attendance, serving coffee donated from Winans Coffee and Chocolates along with cinnamon buns contributed by Bob Evans.

“Everyone says, ‘You got to have heart, man,’” Butler said. “You got to have heart on the court. You got to have heart in the classroom. Man, you got a big heart. And I thought, that’s cool, but how do I get better?”

Butler discussed different attributes of being great and being a better person, such as humility. He used the hypothetical example of a student dropping his books in the hallway, and instead of other students responding with laughter, Butler suggested that maybe they could show that student understanding, that maybe that student was having a bad day and could use some help. Butler said that humility did not mean thinking of one’s self less, but considering what others might be going through and putting them first.

Butler asked the crowd for other attributes of great people; they said things like compassionate, honest, motivational, kind, determined, integrity, helpful, reliable, and trustworthy. He asked the students if it took attitude or skill to complete those actions, such as being kind and compassionate or being determined and reliable. The students responded with “attitude,” which Butler pointed out meant it was all about choosing to have a good attitude to be great.

“You have the choice right now to be great,” Butler said.

Butler told the kids that they will be faced with different situations in life and that it is how they respond and deal with those situations that makes them great.

Butler ended his talk by encouraging the students to turn these words into actions and then habits.

“Challenge yourself … Do more. Continue to grow. Respond to every situation,” Butler said. “Be great.”

Coach gives talk at Breakfast of Champions

By Sam Wildow

Reach Sam Wildow at or (937) 451-3336

Reach Sam Wildow at or (937) 451-3336