Judge extends parole for Covington man

Iddings admits to violating community control

By Melanie Yingst - myingst@civitasmedia.com

MIAMI COUNTY — Miami County Common Pleas Court Judge Christopher Gee tacked on another year of community control for Tyler J. Iddings, 29, of Covington, on Tuesday.

Iddings admitted to violating conditions of his community control for failing to report to his parole officer, paying restitution, court and supervision fees as well as missing three appointments for evaluation for the Drug Court program. Iddings was picked up for the violations on a warrant for the violations last month.

In a rambling plea for leniency, Iddings claimed he missed his appointments due to his new employment and then was scared to call or show up, knowing a warrant would be placed for his arrest.

Judge Gee sternly reminded Iddings that he had hid from his court obligations for the third time before extending his community control. He ordered Iddings to remain in jail until he received an assessment from Miami County Recovery Council.

Iddings mentioned his recovery efforts were supported by the Miami County Heroin Coalition, again, apologizing to the court for what he called “a mistake” for his community control violations. Judge Gee firmly reminded Iddings his lack of cooperation with the courts was a choice and not a mistake. Iddings maintained he was eight months sober from abusing heroin. Judge Gee said he did not have a source to rely on his sobriety other than Idding’s word, which he said meant nothing without his cooperation with the court and parole authorities.

In March 2016, Iddings was found unresponsive in a restroom at the Piqua Family Video store, located at the corner of Water and College streets. Iddings was found after the business had closed when a sales associate heard water running in the bathroom.

Piqua medics administered six doses of Narcan — four via nasal injection and the last two via IV. According to previous reports from the Piqua police department, drug paraphernalia was found at the scene and it was believed to have been a drug overdose.

Iddings admits to violating community control

By Melanie Yingst


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Follow Melanie Yingst on Twitter @Troydailynews