Lehman Catholic holds science fair

SIDNEY — Lehman Catholic High School held its annual Science Fair recently in the Cianciolo Family gymnasium at the school. Lehman students submitted 92 projects for judging.

Thirty-four students received superior ratings, qualifying them to participate in district competition. Students must earn at least 36 out of a possible 40 points to receive a superior.

Receiving a perfect score of 40 were freshman Angela Brunner for her project “The Effect of Dimethyl Sulfoxide on the Regeneration of Planarium,” junior Alanna O’Leary for “The Effect of Salt on the Enzymatic Activity of Turnip Peroxidase,” and seniors William Hoersten for “The Filtration of Dirty Water Through Natural Media,” Elizabeth Pax for “Which Antifungal is the Most Effective,” and Andrew Streng for “Does Photosynthesis Perform Better in Alkaline or Acidic Conditions.”

Receiving the Governor’s Thomas Edison Award for Excellence in Student Research in the following categories were: Biotechnology and Biomedical Technologies: Angelina Brunner; the category of Environmental Sciences: Abigail Jones for “The Effects of P. Otreous on the Biosorphun of Petroleum Polluted Water,” and Agriculture and Food Technology: Megan Neumeier for “The Effects of Milk Source on Lactose.”

The Governor’s Awards stress STEM Education which is both the mastery and integration of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics for all PK-12 students. It incorporates scientific inquiry and technological design through student-focuses, project-based curricula to develop skills of communication, teamwork/collaboration, creativity/innovation, critical thinking, and problem solving.

Other students who received superior ratings were:


Mikkel Alvarez for “Colors: Which One Absorbs More Light?”

Hope Anthony for “Which Weed Killer Works the Fastest”

Ann Deafenbaugh for “Does Noise Affect How the Body Works”

Sophia Flood for “Oil Content in Different Algae Samples”

Chris Goettemoeller for “Does the pH of Water Effect Plant Growth”

Lyndsey Jones for “The Effects of Oxygen on Yeast Metabolism”

Lauren McFarland for “Which Bread Contains the Most Energy – White, Wheat, or Gluten Free”

Rylie McIver for “What Mouthwash Kills the Most Bacteria?”

Olivia Monnin for “The difference in Accuracy Between Broadheads”

Brendan O’Leary for “Scented vs Unscented Fishing Baits”

Mikey Rossman for “Is Bioremediation an Effect Way to Reduce Pollution in Water?”

Maegan Titterington for “Does Gum Affect Temperature?”


Malorie Hussey for “Which Soil Best Supports Soybean Life”

Kaija Steward for “How Does Mnemonics Effect Memory in Different Settings”

Maddy Wiseman for “How Light Affects Peripheral Vision”


Melanie Brunner for “The Effect of Water on the Denaturation Temperature of Protein”

Grace Dexter for “The Effects of Age and Damage on the Flammability of Turnout Gear”

Abigail Jones for “The Effects of P. Otreous on the Biosorphun of Petroleum Polluted Water”

Mehak Kaur for “The Solubility of Various Drugs in Stomach Acid”

Yutong Shi for “Effects of Different Temperature on the Rate of Cellular Respiration”

Hailey Wick for “Osmosis: Observing the Net Movement of Water Molecules”


Sidney Chapman for “The Effect of Temperature on Water Electrolysis”

Katherine Edwards for “How Healthy is Your Orange Juice”

John-Henry Frantz for “Does Solar Disinfection Work”

Megan Neumeier for “The Effects of Milk Source on Lactose”

Kaitrin O’Leary for “The Effect of Temperature on the Viscosity of Motor Oil”

Moriah Pauley for “The Effect of Acne Medicine on Chicken Skin”

Jacob Schmiesing for “Effects of Seed Treatments on Germination”

Isaiah Winhoven for “Erosion Potential of Darke County Soils”

All students who participated in the Science Fair received certificates from the Ohio Academy of Science.

Judges for the event were from Emerson Climate Technologies; Sidney High School; Hobart Brothers Inc.; Edison State Community College; Sidney, Shelby County Health Department; DuBois Chemical; Peak Foods LLC; Chaminade Julienne High School; Crown Equipment Corp.; FUYAO Glass America; Dare Electronics; Good Samaritan Hospital; Flinn Veterinary; Abbott Nutrition; Anna High School; Rhodes State; Honda of America; Ohio Department of Transportation; Charles River Labs; Ohio Vision; Holy Angels School; Tri-County Veterinary Service

There also were numerous additional judges.

Members of the Lehman Science Department faculty who assisted the students in preparing for the event include Tracy Hall, Leah Bertke, and Science Department Chair Sister Ginny Scherer.

The District Science Fair will be held on Saturday, March 11, at Edison State Community College. Those who receive superiors at that level will be invited to the State Science Fair at The Ohio State University on May 13.