Bridge to get historical marker

By Cecilia Fox -

MIAMI COUNTY — At their meeting Thursday, the Miami County Commissioners voted to accept a historical marker from the Department of the Interior for the Eldean covered bridge.

The board voted to accept a marker for the Eldean covered bridge, which has been recognized as a National Historic Landmark.

The Department of the Interior will pay for the plaque, but it will be up to the county to have the plaque installed, County Engineer Paul Huelskamp said.

There is no special maintenance required for the bridge now that it as been registered as a landmark, beyond the already planned maintenance the county performs.

Maintenance does not need to be approved by the Department of the Interior, but the department does have the right to inspect the site. If the department feels the bridge has been modified in such a way that it loses its historical significance, it could be declassified.

The marker could be installed some time this summer, he said.

The commissioners also authorized an agreement between the Miami County Sheriff’s Office and Miami County Park District for police protection.

The parks have agreed to pay the sheriff’s office $39.68 per hour for the service, as well as to fuel and maintain a vehicle for the deputy assigned to the parks.

The wage rate has increased 2.5 percent since last year, Sheriff Dave Duchak said.

The sheriff’s office will provide protection for 40 hours per week, excluding overtime, and will provide uniforms and badges.

The commissioners also approved the purchase of six Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablets at a cost of $10,775, as well as an HP desktop computer, monitor and speakers for the sheriff’s office at a cost of $1,285 for the sheriff’s office.

By Cecilia Fox

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