Local man to march in inaugural parade



PIQUA — “Bursting with pride” is how Penni Warren of Piqua described her feelings about her grandson, Bryce Newsome, participating in this afternoon’s presidential inauguration ceremonies.

“Oh, I will definitely be watching,” Warren said earlier Friday before the inauguration. “I’ll be in front of my TV by the time the parade starts.”

Newsome, 19, is a 2015 graduate of Piqua High School and a member of the U.S. Navy Ceremonial Guard stationed in Washington, D.C.

Warren said she keeps abreast of what’s going on with the Ceremonial Guard through their page on Facebook. “I saw a live feed practice parade (last) Saturday,” she said.

Warren, who raised Bryce from a toddler, said the young man approached the honor with a very matter-of-fact attitude. “For him, it’s his job. It’s what he does,” she said.

“In his normal job, he participates in funerals at Arlington National Cemetery, so he’s used to being in those kinds of situations, but not of this magnitude,” she said. “But I would think that the pride of participating, he would have to feel it.”