Experts offer tips for winter

By Elizabeth Schmitt - For the Troy Daily News

MIAMI COUNTY — Following an unusually warm November, this December has been quite chilly.

However, according to Kristen Cassidy, a meteorologist from the National Weather Service in Wilmington, there have been no record cold temperatures so far this winter.

“It’s impossible to tell whether or not there will be record cold temperatures this year. It will warm up Saturday then there will be cooler temperatures on Sunday leading into next week.” said Cassidy.

She also confirmed that it is too soon to tell if this year there will be white Christmas, but with cold fronts coming in next week, there is hope of a snowy holiday.

To be prepared for cold weather makes sure to wear multiple layers, gloves, warm socks, water resistant shoes, and hats especially since according to the National Weather Service, people lose 40 percent of their body heat through their heads.

The National Weather Service also provides a checklist to prepare cars for cold weather, which encourages everyone to service their cars to avoid breaking down during snowstorms.

They also recommend to check the battery, windshield wipers, antifreeze, and defrost features in vehicles to confirm they are working properly, along with inspecting tires or switching to snow tires during the winter.

Having a snow shovel, ice scraper, jumper cables, sand or kitty litter, along with a blanket and a flashlight are winter essentials to store in vehicles.

Numerous amounts of people will be traveling during the holiday season, to be safe during this time always check the weather conditions before hitting the road, and always keep a full fuel tank in case of becoming stuck in traffic or snow.

Leave early if necessary because of weather conditions, and don’t rush or speed, and tell other people when traveling, and the expected arrival time.

For more information visit for more winter weather information or download the National Weather Service app on smartphones.

By Elizabeth Schmitt

For the Troy Daily News