Edison scholarship recipients recognized

PIQUA — Edison State Community College in partnership with the Edison Foundation recognized over 95 students during the scholarship banquet. The banquet is held annually to provide recipients with the opportunity to meet the patrons that made their scholarships available.

Following networking and dinner, Jordan Knepper, Executive Director of the Piqua Arts Council spoke encouraging words to the scholarship recipients about achieving success.

Knepper recited words from poet Robert Frost to begin his speech, “Robert Frost said, ‘Two roads diverged into the woods and I … I took the one less traveled.’”

“Most of the time when you hear this, the speaker is telling you to blaze your own path,” added Knepper. “But I’m not going to say that. Some of you know exactly what path you need to take in life to get where you want to go. What I want to tell you is that no matter what path you take, you’ll have decisions to make.”

“The road to life is paved with many indecisive squirrels; so when you come to a decision, make a choice, be a decisive squirrel. Learn from your choice and apply that knowledge the next time you come to a fork in the road and if you keep doing this, I promise you, you’ll end up where you’re supposed to be.”

Made possible by the Edison Foundation, Edison State Community College, and local organization sponsorships, recipients honored were awarded over $100,000 in academic scholarships and need-based scholarships. Scholarships awarded will aid in students’ pursuit of higher education at Edison State Community College.

Founded in 1993, the Edison Foundation has raised millions of dollars, primarily giving through scholarships to Edison State students.

“I think the Edison Foundation provides a valuable opportunity to students by helping them start their journey through higher education,” added Knepper. “It also helps build a connection with the community and for those students that continue on for a 4-year degree, it helps bring them back to the community.”

For more information about scholarship opportunities available, visit www.edisonohio.edu/scholarships<http://www.edisonohio.edu/scholarships>.