Troy Police Department reports

Information provided by the Troy Police Department:

Sept. 9

FOUND PROPERTY: An officer responded to 122 W Franklin St. in reference to a found property complaint. Several items of drug paraphernalia were located, along with numerous other items. All property was placed in to the property room.

LITTERING: At Wright Patt Credit Union on W. Main Street, an officer came in contact with the reporting party in reference to a criminal damage report. Taneha Littlejohn was charged with littering.

Sept. 10

PUBLIC INDECENCY: An officer was traveling west on W. Water St. and observed, Zachary L. Crump, urinating on the side of 109 W. Main St. Zachary was issued a Summons for Public Indecency and ordered into court.

Sept. 11

OVERDOSE: An officer responded to 1140 Stephenson Dr. Apt. C in reference to David Fair, not breathing. The reporting party Twila Fair was attempting CPR. David was located unresponsive on the bed in a bedroom. Troy Fire administered at least two doses of Narcan before David responded. David advised that he did not remember what had happened. David was then transported to UVMC.

Twila advised that she had come over to the house and her and David’s three children had left prior to the incident. Twila advised that the David asked her to go and make him some lunch. When she came back upstairs with the food, she found David slumped over sitting on the edge of the bed. She advised that David was blue in color and not breathing. She advised that she did not know that David was still using heroin and that he had overdosed two other time in the recent past.

While at the residence the officer found a homemade tourniquet (a brown and orange cloth belt) laying on the floor in the bathroom beside the bedroom. Beside the toilet and tourniquet was a small wooden cabinet sitting on the floor. The officer opened the door and located a syringe laying on the shelf. The officer found that the syringe appeared to have a small amount of blood under the plunger. The belt and syringe was collected as evidence.

The officer responded to UVMC to speak with David. The officer explained to David that it was suspected that he had overdosed on heroin. He was irritated at that and stated that he did not and does not use heroin. The officer explained to David that Narcan is used for heroin and opiate overdoses and that he had located the tourniquet and the syringe. David advised that it was not heroin that he used. He stated that the tourniquet and syringe was what he used to inject cocaine. He advised that the cocaine had been in a gel cap. The officer clarified with him that he had purchased and used what he thought was cocaine. He confirmed this. He also agreed that it was possible that he was sold something other than cocaine.

The officer explained to David that the syringe and belt would be taken as evidence and asked if he would sign a destruction waiver. He advised that he did not care if they were destroyed, but he refused to sign the paper.

The officer charged Fair with drug abuse (F5) and possession of drug abuse instruments.

TRUCK LOCATED: A resident in the 400 block of Garfield Avenue, Troy, reported his truck stolen. The truck was then located at the Race Street United Dairy Farmers store.

Sept. 13

SCHOOL INCIDENT: The Troy Police Department’s School Resource Officer Brandon Fellers was called to the front office by the Assistant Principal Jeff Greulich. Mr. Greulich stated that he had a female student who had assaulted another female student. One student had been upset at the other and they got into a verbal argument and then the aggressor punched the other on the side of the head and another student pulled her off.

The aggressor had told Mr. Greulich that this was over an incident that took place last night where another student had sent messages about her friend being pregnant and she wasn’t. She stated that she went up to her and told her to take off the posting and when she talked back to her, she punched her.

After further investigation, Officer Fellers advised the juvenile was going to be charged with a misdemeanor assault charge for hitting the other student.

THEFT: A theft complain was filed in the 400 block of Miami Street.

THEFT: A theft complaint was file din the 700 block of S. Crawford Street.