Miami County Sheriff’s Office reports

Information provided by the Miami County Sheriff’s Office:

Aug. 23

SCHOOL INCIDENT: A deputy was dispatched to Village of Bradford in reference to a neighbor complaint. Before arriving on scene the deputy was advised by Deputy Adams to respond to the Bradford High School first.

The Bradford School Superintendent, Ken Miller, wanted to trespass a male subject from coming onto school property. The male subject recently volunteered at the school to be a crosswalk guard. The school was advised by several parents that the male subject was a sex offender and should not be allowed on school property.

According to Paul Garret, Darke County Juvenile Courts, the male subject was charged with first degree felony rape in July of 2010. The male subject was 13-years-old at the time the rape took place and is not required to register as a sex offender as an adult.

Officials responded to the male subject’s home and spoke with him. He was advised he was trespassed from the Bradford School property. He stated he understood. We left without incident.

The reporting party was worried about the children who live in the neighborhood. She was angry that the male subject did not have to register as a sex offender. She was advised that due to the male subject’s age at the time of the incident the law does not require he registers as a sex offender. She stated she was going to go house to house and let all her neighbors know and also call Channel 7 News.

Lacey Gordon with Darke County Juvenile Court made a copy of the case report filed in reference to the rape charge . It was placed in the case file for informational purposes.

OVI: A deputy stopped Ankur Patel for running his car into the curb on West Main Street in Troy. Mr. Patel was arrested for OVI and a breath sample showed him to have a BAC of .266. Mr. Patel was cited for OVI and marked lanes.

JUVENILE ASSIST: Parents in the 9000 block of Bellefontaine Road, Bethel Twp. reported their 12-year-old daughter.

OVI: A deputy stopped the listed vehicle for a traffic violation in the area of State Route 571 and Iddings Road, West Milton. Driver was found to be under a Non Compliance suspension. Driver was also arrested on suspicion of OVI and possession of marijuana. Rear seat passenger was charged with open container in a motor vehicle.