ODOT planning bike route through Covington

Village to replace leaky valve on water tower

By Sam Wildow - swildow@aimmedianetwork.com

COVINGTON — Covington Council held the first reading of a resolution that would approve the Ohio Department of Transporation’s (ODOT) established bike route on Ingle Road through the village during their meeting Monday evening.

Village Administrator Mike Busse explained that ODOT is in the process of finalizing various bike routes throughout the state. State Bike Route 36 (SBR36) extends from the Piqua area and utilizes back roads that mostly run parallel along US Route 36, including Ingle Road through Covington. It then turns north to Covington-Bradford to get to Bradford. ODOT is requesting each jurisdiction that has an identified, approved on-road bike route to formally issue a resolution supporting the route, Busse said.

“Really there’s not much of a commitment on our part other than if somebody damages a sign, we’ll replace them once they’re up,” Busse said.

Maintaining signage is the village’s only requirement once they have approved the resolution supporting the bike route. Busse added that they could also possibly use this bike route as a way to secure funding for a possible off-road bike path in the future.

“They’re designating what they (consider) the safest route for bikes,” Busse said.

He explained that ODOT was attempting to get bicyclists off of major highways and onto safer, approved routes through the state.

The resolution will undergo two more readings before the council votes on it.

Also during their meeting, the council approved replacing two valves and a fire hydrant below the 100,000-gallon riveted elevated water tank located at Maple and Ludlow that is currently under repair. The valves are reportedly leaky and difficult to operate.

The approved cost of the contract to Finfrock Construction Company was $13,975.

“Of that, there’s approximately $6,000 in materials,” Busse said.

Busse explained that the village decided that now is an appropriate time to do this work as the tank needs to be empty in order to replace them. If the valves failed in the future, the village would have to empty the tank before they could fix it. The tank is already empty due to current maintenance work and painting being done that was approved in March.

“The painting of the tank should be completed by Wednesday of this week,” Busse said. “It must set for a minimum of seven days once the painting is completed before we can fill it.”

As a matter of old business, the council heard the second reading of a resolution to levy a special assessment for the purpose of paying the cost of lighting the streets in Covington for next year. The cost levied will be $45,000, and it has been that same amount for the past two years.

Finally, Mayor Ed McCord thanked Busse for his hard work this summer, particularly for completing in the income survey by going door-to-door in the village. The income survey will be used to apply for Community Development Grant Blocking funding in the future.

“He’s been putting in some pretty long hours,” McCord said. “We appreciate your hard work this summer.”

Village to replace leaky valve on water tower

By Sam Wildow


Reach the writer at (937) 451-3336

Reach the writer at (937) 451-3336