Covington BOE discusses College Credit Plus

COVINGTON — It was a short meeting for the Covington Board of Education on Thursday due to Superintendent Ken Miller being on vacation, but Administrative Assistant Gene Gooding, soon to be superintendent, spoke on behalf of Miller.

Among the topics discussed were the new College Credit Plus program and policy changes. Board members are all in favor of the new College Credit Plus program, as it will advance students academically and save them money for college. The district will sign memorandums to various local colleges, spending about $40 a credit hour per student.

“(College Credit Plus) is good for kids,” said Dean Pond, president of the board. “It saves their parents all sorts of money.”

Teachers in the district will be trained to teach college-level courses to students and allows students to receive college credit from the college in which the memorandums are signed to. “These kids are getting some great opportunities,” Gooding said.

Another item of discussion was making changes to policy 0166, which describes the administrative procedure for executive sessions. It was described to have a “lack of transparency in administration.” More details and board approval of changes in the policy will be discussed at the August board meeting.

Despite of having four inches of rain in Covington, the HVAC project at the high school is still on schedule, Gooding said. Board members agreed to hold the August board meeting at the high school so members can see the progress taking place.

As a result of the two-year budget signed by Gov. John Kasich, the district is expected to see a 17 percent increase in funding, a value of $316,000. Despite the fact Kasich made 46 vetoes to the budget, none of those vetoes will affect the district negatively, Gooding said.

“Nothing stood out to me at all on (vetoes),” Gooding said.

The board approved the following agenda items:

• Federal grants for fiscal year 2016 as follows: $133,554 for targeted assistance; $24,306.05 for improving teacher quality; and $172,663.04 for special education.

• Petty cash and change funds for the 2015-16 school year.

• Over $11,100 in donations.

• The annual eighth grade trip to the Smokey Mountains scheduled for April 24-30, 2016.

• A one-year limited certified contract to Garrett Comstock as physical education teacher for the 2015-2016 school year.

• Administrative contract for Nancy Wise as district transportation coordinator.

• New NEOLA polices, revised policies, replacement administrative guidelines, and revised administrative guidelines.