FFA alumni sponsors scholarships

CASSTOWN — The Miami East FFA Alumni Chapter recently recognized graduates of Miami East High School that had been enrolled in Agricultural Education and members of the FFA chapter. In order to qualify for the scholarship, the applicants completed an essay on “The Benefits of Agricultural Education” and been active in the FFA Chapter for at least one year. Each recipient received a cash scholarship to be used for their further education.

Emily Beal is the daughter of John and Melissa Beal. She served as a chapter officer, was a National FFA Proficiency Winner, and highest selling fruit seller for three years in a row.

Emily shared, “Through Agricultural Education I found my voice, my passion, my purpose, and made an abundance of friendships.”

Katie Bendickson is the daughter of Derick and Kris Bendickson. She earned her State FFA Degree, participated in the National Agriscience Fair, and assisted with the March of Dimes Princess For A Day fundraiser.

Katie shared, “Agricultural Education on only taught students about agriculture but also life skills and how to serve others.”

Daniel Everett is the son of Mark and Julie Everett. He attendee FFA Camp for four years, earned the State FFA Degree, and was a four member of the State FFA Choir at the State FFA Convention.

“Agricultural Education can help youth discover new passions and possible future careers,” Everett said.

Kelsey Kirchner is the daughter of David and Kathy Kirchner. Kelsey was a National Proficiency Finalist, was a chapter officer, and provided leadership for the FFA’s Annual Ag Day for elementary students.

She said, “Ag Education provides lifelong skills, hands on experiences, and an appreciation for production agriculture.”

Hunter Sharp is the son of Robert and Jenny Sharp. He earned his State FFA Degree, served as a chapter officer, and implemented the chapter’s trapshooting program.

“Students today need to learn about agriculture. We need to teach them how their food is grown and all the technology that is behind their meal,” he said.

Nathan Teeters is the son of Micah and Kristi Teeters. He was on a 3rd in the state Career Development Event team for Food Science and Technology and was a 3 time State Proficiency Winner.

He shared that Agricultural Education, “Teaches students about the vital role agriculture plays in a town’s, a country’s, and the world’s economy.”

Hannah Wilson is the daughter of Brady and Sena Wilson. She was a State FFA Proficiency Winner, earned the State FFA Degree, and a four year participant in Ag Day.

Hannah shared, “Agriculture Education is for everyone — even a girl from the suburbs like me. It is more than just plows, cows, and sows. I’ve learned to appreciate the diversity of agriculture.”

The Miami East FFA Alumni was able to provide these scholarship recipients with monies because of the generous donations and support of community members through such projects as the Longaberger Basket Bingo in January, quarter auction in April, and the silent auction at the chapter banquet in March.