Fair king, queen contest set

Event scheduled for Saturday

MIAMI COUNTY — The Miami County Fair King and Queen contest will again be held prior to the Miami County Fair in the Duke Lundgard Building on the north end of the fairgrounds. The contest will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday, July 23. The event is free and the public is invited to attend. Selection of a Fair Prince and Princess will also be part of the contest.

Preliminary interviews were held July 16. All contestants will be announced at the contest. Eleven girls and three boys are vying for the king/queen crowns. Five girls and four boys are vying or the prince/princess crowns. The emcee for the event will be Dee Mahan, training coordinator for Comfort Keepers.

The king candidates are: Keagan Carsey, son of Casandra and Ryan Carsey, sponsored by Miami East FFA; Larkin Welbaum, son of Matt and Carrie Welbaum, sponsored by Farrow to Finish 4-H Club; and Thomas Burkett, son of Toby and Denise Burkett, sponsored by Button Buddies 4-H Club.

The queen candidates are: Alyssa Anderson, daughter of Shantel and Eric Anderson, sponsored by Lostcreek Cloth and Clovers; Caitlyn Cusick, daughter of Matt and Carrie Cusick, sponsored by Stitchin’ Sisters & Buildn’ Brothers 4-H Club; Hannah Davis, daughter of Bob and Becky Davis, sponsored by Ham & Lamb 4-H Club; Alyssa Edgington, daughter of Stephanie and Brian Edgington, sponsored by Hares N Stuff; Megan Grube, daughter of Cynthia Grube, sponsored by Hares & Stuff; Victoria Hager, daughter of Chris and Jodie Hager, sponsored by Galloping Gauchos 4-H Club; Rachel LaMarr, daughter of Jennifer LaMarr, sponsored Newton Blue Ribbon 4-H Club; Kaytee Macy, daughter of Nancy Macy, sponsored by HareRaisers; Cheyenne Parke, daughter of Brian and Shon Parke, sponsored by Livestock 4-H Club; Kristina Romie, daughter of Brian and Wanda Romie, sponsored by Ears to Tailes 4-H Club; Megan Troy, daughter of Andrew and Nicole Troy, sponsored Concord Odd’s & Ends 4-H Club.

The prince candidates are: James Burkett, son of Toby and Denise Burkett, sponsored by Button Buddies 4-H Club; Emery Deaton, son of Adam and Sarah Deaton, sponsored by Premier Livestock 4-H Club; Forrest Delaplane, son of Jennifer Delaplane, sponsored by United 4-H Teens; Alek Fine, son of Amanda and Erik Fine, sponsored by Bits and Pieces 4-H Club.

The princess candidates are: Emma Anderson, daughter of Shantel and Eric Anderson, sponsored by Lostcreek Cloth and Clovers; Ella Comer-Clark, daughter of Zach and Missy Comer, sponsored by Farrow to Finish; Addilyn “Addie” Grove, daughter of Ross and Chabree Grove, sponsored by Elizabeth Livestock; Amelia Osting, daughter of Dianna and John Osting, sponsored by Bits N Pieces 4-H, Jaycee Autumn Roeth, daughter of Josh and Heather Roeth, sponsored by Miami East FFA Alumni.

The newly crowned King/Queen along with the Prince and Princess, will reign over the fair and will assist with presenting awards to participants from the numerous shows and events that take place during fair week. The King and Queen will also represent the Miami County Fair at high profile events and parades throughout the year.

The Junior and Senior Fair Board Members want to wish all the candidates good luck and extend a warm invitation to everyone to come and support these young men and women on Saturday, July 23, Miami County Fair, to be held Aug. 12-18.

Event scheduled for Saturday