Miami County Sheriff’s Office reports

Information provided by the Miami County Sheriff’s Office:

July 14

BB GUN FOUND: A resident reported finding a black BB gun in the woods near the Horseshoe Bend Road bridge over the Stillwater River. The deputy ran the serial number and checked for local involvements but was not able to find anything saying it was stolen. It was booked it in as found property to the Miami County Sheriff’s Office Property Room.

DOG COMPLAINT: On the listed date Village Administrator Roger Looker advised a deputy of a complaint of too many dogs at the 300 block School Street, Bradford. Looker said he received a complaint that a resident had four dogs at his residence. He requested a deputy go look into the matter and speak to the resident.

The deputy spoke to the resident who advised that he was keeping two dogs for his daughter. He stated he also his two pit bulls but his daughter’s dogs went back to her today. He opened the door to the residence the deputy observed two tan/white Pitbulls. The dogs were in good health and very friendly. The deputy did not see or hear any other dogs in the residence. The resident was advised he could not own more than two dogs under the listed ordinance. He stated he understood and only owned the two dogs he showed me. The deputy reported this information back to Mr. Looker and advised him this case would be closed.

DOG COMPLAINT: Two dogs were located in the 300 block of School Street, Bradford. One of the dogs is in poor body condition with its ribs, backbone, and hip bones very visible. The dogs have no tags and have not been seen by a vet. This case is pending.

July 13

WARRANT: A deputy was dispatched to the 9700 block of Lostcreek-Shelby, Brown Township, in reference an assist squad. At the conclusion of the investigation, the driver of the vehicle was taken into custody for possession of heroin, possession of marijuana, driving under suspension, and the subject had an active warrant out of Champaign County.

NO SOLICITATION: A resident in the 1300 block of Peters Road, Concord Township, reported a solicitor at her home attempting to sell cleaning products. The deputy saw Orlando Carter walking away from 1265 Peters Road in Concord Township.

Mr. Carter was walking away from the deputy as he asked him to come speak to me. Orlando was advised Concord Township has an ordinance against soliciting. Orlando was hesitant to provide identification at first citing he is “messed with a lot.”He further stated he just gets dropped off and his boss tells him it is OK to solicit in the area. Orlando was warned for soliciting in Concord Township and released.