County tax plan adopted

Staff reports

MIAMI COUNTY — At their meeting Thursday, the Miami County Commissioners adopted the 2017 tax planning budget.

Their approval of the budget is based on estimated revenue and and anticipated revenue projections for 2017.

The county budget commission has projected that the 2017 General Fund revenues will be about $24.5 million, while requested expenditures will be limited to $30.8 million — a 1 percent increase over the 2016 General Fund appropriations.

Total revenue in all funds for 2017 is projected to be $80.5 million, with appropriations projected at $91.3 million.

Several years ago, the commissioners changed the budget process, moving discussions with other elected officials and department heads to the fall. This allowed for more time to form a more complete financial projection, Commissioner Richard Cultice said.

The county has experienced budget surpluses since 2010, but the county’s budget is expected to be tighter in 2017 due to the anticipated opening of the third pod at the incarceration facility for female inmates, as well as the purchasing of beds for those female inmates in the Shelby County Jail in 2016

“We continue to plan for the hiring of addition corrections offices at the incarceration facility to house female inmates,” Commissioner Jack Evans said. “This will require us to revew our financial condition with the county auditor to ensure a positive cash flow and take action when needed.”

Tax planning budgets are mandated by the Ohio Revised Code. The 2017 appropriations will be up for approval in December 2016.

“Since the 2010 cuts, with the support of all the elected officials, we’ve made decisions that have put us in a strong position to better manage our services and expenses,” Commissioner John O’Brien said. “These management strategies have enabled us to have budget surplus every year since 2010 and I see no reason this should not continue.”

Staff reports