Community launches new, interactive calendar

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PIQUA — With help from Positively Promoting Piqua, local organizations within the community have come together to create an interactive calendar where all of the events going on in the city can be posted.

The initiative began when Mayor Kazy Hinds saw a need to have one website where everyone in Piqua can go to find all of the events happening in Piqua that are open to the public.

“Many times, big events would be planned and there would be another big event planned at the same time,” Hinds said.

Hinds calls the Piqua Community Calendar a “one-stop shop planning” for community members who are either planning their own event and are trying to figure out the best time to have it, or who are simply looking for something to do in the city one night.

Hinds used the example of graduation parties, saying that people could find out what nights to steer away from scheduling one if there are numerous events going on in the community, like a Rock Piqua! concert night.

Hinds explained that, after she was elected, she got together with different groups in the community — from the city government to the Piqua Chamber of Commerce, Mainstreet Piqua, and the Piqua Arts Council — to ask, “If we had a community calendar, what would that look like?”

With support and funding from Positively Promoting Piqua needed to launch the site, the calendar is currently online at

“There’s library events, there’s Mainstreet events, there’s Art Council events … basically (any) community event that you have can go on the calendar,” Hinds said.

Community members, groups, and local organizations are also encouraged to submit their own community events happening within Piqua to the calendar by using the “submit an event” tab at the top of the calendar on the website. Those looking to submit events can also look at the submission guidelines found on their website. There is also a local directory link that provides contact information for city officials and various organizations within the city.

“It’s very user-friendly,” Hinds said.

So far, Hinds said that they have had a “very, very good response.”

“The biggest thing I keep telling people is this is only be as good as people who use it,” Hinds said, encouraging people to both submit events and stop by the site to see what is happening in Piqua. “Our hope is that people will look at this during the week.”

Hinds explained that the site highlights family-friendly events going on in the community. In the month of June, there were over 80 events on the calendar.

“So people cannot say that there’s nothing to do in Piqua,” Hinds said. “We do have a lot going on.”


By Sam Wildow

Reach reporter Sam Wildow at (937) 451-3336

Reach reporter Sam Wildow at (937) 451-3336