Don’t dump motor oil down the storm drain

MIAMI VALLEY — Reminding people not to dump their motor oil in the sewer seems a lot like reminding people to buckle their seat belt. By now, you’d think everyone would have heard and taken the message to heart.

“It’s hard to believe, but we still see people pouring their used oil in the sewer,” said Sarah Hippensteel Hall, MCD manager for watershed partnerships. “One quarter of oil can pollute 250,000 gallons of river water. No one wants to fish or boat in a polluted river.”

To help prevent pollution in your local waterways always remember:

• Never pour anything down a storm drain.

• Use a large pan if you are changing motor oil yourself.

• Fix car leaks and clean oil stains off your driveway.

• Drop the used oil off at your local hazardous waste center.

While water quality has improved greatly in Ohio’s rivers and streams, still about 40 percent remain unsafe for swimming and fishing.

“Properly disposing motor oil is one simple step each of us can take to keep our rivers clean and healthy,” Hall said.