City official travels overseas

Meets with European companies with Troy ties

By Melanie Yingst -



TROY — It cost the city of Troy $2,757 to send the director of public service and safety Patrick Titterington to Germany and Sweden for an economic trade mission from April 29 to May 6.

It was the third trade mission trip to Europe with previous trips in 2007 and 2014.

Titterington met with several of the headquarters of Troy’s European companies, including SEW, Freudenberg and Ecotec (Micropower Group). Titterington also accompanied Jason Haak and Tony Trapp, representatives of Upper Valley Career Center and J. C. Wallace, CEO of Troy Development Council, for a panel discussion that examined workforce development strategies employed by German-based companies with operations in the United States. The tour included several vocational schools and apprenticeship programs.

Titterington said he also attended a seminar in Sweden to meet with six companies and tout the advantages of establishing operations in Troy. Titterington traveled to Stockholm and Vaxjo in Sweden to meet with Micropower (Ecotec is a Troy subsidiary) and conduct multi-industry seminar.

“The three headquarters with whom we met are the key decision makers regarding growth of their branches in Troy,” Titterington said. “It was important to meet with them, gauge their future plans, understand their challenges, and talk about how we can assist in overcoming obstacles. The key obstacle discussed was workforce development and we toured several facilities, including trade schools, to better understand the European apprenticeship programs. We also discussed a partnership with possible student exchanges to augment their current programs and help establish ours.”

Titterington said he only attended the trade mission portion of the trip. Titterington said the next overseas trip will likely be a trip to Japan next year.

The Troy Development Council and Upper Valley Career Center delegation also attended the Hannover Messe Industry Fair in Hannover, Germany.

“Our presentations to the companies abroad have emphasized our investments in riverfront development and other initiatives so that they know that we are providing the environment and quality of life to attract workers, families and visitors to the city,” Titterington said. “Additionally, an emphasis of this trip was to further delve into the scope and depth of the German apprenticeship programs with an eye to emulating them at the UVCC.”

Titterington said the city’s focus is to grow existing businesses rather than focusing resources on recruiting new businesses.

“Our focus is not only on bringing new industry to Troy but to ensure growth of our existing businesses through additional building expansions and increases in jobs,” he said. “All experts will agree that focusing on the growth of our existing businesses rather than focusing all of our resources on bringing new businesses to Troy would be very expensive and time-consuming. That’s why we visit our existing headquarters in Europe or Asia.”

Meets with European companies with Troy ties

By Melanie Yingst