Trustees question spike in medic calls

Officials review current fire/EMS contract

By Melanie Yingst -

CONCORD TWP. — Trustees are currently reviewing its contract with the city of Troy’s medic and fire services and had a few questions for the fire chief who attended their regular meeting on Tuesday.

Trustee Bill Whidden asked Chief Matt Simmons to help him understand the spike in Troy Fire Department ambulance calls at the Upper Valley Medical Center campus including Koester Pavilion in the last three years.

Troy Fire Department Chief Matt Simmons said calculations are based on responses called within the Concord Township area, which includes UVMC.

“The contract is based upon every time a medic unit, an ambulance, is responding to your township and also every time a fire engine and/or grass truck, so that’s in there called ‘responses,” Simmons said.

Simmons said one incident could have multiple “responses” with an engine and two medics; the formula would read that there was three responses for the one call.

Whidden asked why there was a sudden spike in city of Troy responses at Koester Pavilion and the private dialysis center located on the UVMC campus.

Simmons said when he was reviewing the data, the increase of calls on the UVMC campus was the only data he saw that was different from years past. Simmons said he has not spoken to anyone at the UVMC about the increase in medic responses to date.

Simmons said he is aware the private ambulance service industry has been decreasing.

Simmons said he reviewed another nursing home’s data within the township which also averaged an increase of 15 percent per year. Responses at Koester Pavilion have shown a 200 percent increase in the last three years, according to data provided to the trustees.

Trustees thanked Simmons for his information.

“A lot of the potential cost increase and future contract is based on number of runs we have. It’s a dramatic increase just from that one campus. Of course, the reality is that it’s quite a large piece of real estate that we don’t get any income from and that’s neither here or there. It’s just a huge percentage of runs,” Whidden said. “We got a little more work to do and we’ll figure where to go from here.”

Township road superintendent Neil Rhoades reported the area of 1490 Forest Hill Road would be closed for two to three days beginning Monday, June 13. The road will be closed to replace a road culvert and catch basins.

A public hearing for the township’s 2017 tax budget was held.

“I believe my numbers are founded on historical data — nothing too optimistic, nothing too pessimistic,” Township Clerk Pat Quillen said.

For more information, visit The next meeting will be held Tuesday, June 21, at 10 a.m. at the township building on Horizon West Court.

Officials review current fire/EMS contract

By Melanie Yingst