New weather map package unveiled

Staff Reports

A new and improved comprehensive weather package, which includes trivia, a pollen index and helpful information for those who suffer from arthritis, appears in today’s Piqua Daily Call.

“These items will be beneficial to our readers in a multitude of ways,” said Editor Melody Vallieu. “The weather package has great information that can help the readers plan their day — and their week.”

The weather package will be anchored on page 2.

The weather package also includes local, regional and national forecasts — so you know whether to bring an umbrella or sunscreen, or if Aunt Suzy in Salt Lake needs it more.

The package will also be seasonal, including features like the Pollen Index and an Asthma Index, for those who suffer from allergies. The index combines the effects of current air quality, pollen counts, wind, temperature, dew point, barometric pressure, and changes from past weather conditions to provide a scale showing the overall probability and severity of an asthma attack.

For arthritis sufferers, the Arthritis Index combines all of the weather factors that may affect you, and summarizes the most likely severity of weather-related arthritis pain in one easy-to-understand scale from low to extreme.

A trivia buff? Each day will bring a weather-related trivia question to extend your knowledge of all things weather.

Other features include the Almanac, which offers historical weather information, such as highs and lows and record temperatures; Air Quality Index; and a daily nugget of weather history.