Grass maintenance raises concerns

By Heather Canan - For the Daily Call

BRADFORD — The Village of Bradford held its secondly monthly meeting Thursday night. The full council, village administrator, clerk, a sheriff, two community members and two men with a security presentation were in attendance as Mayor Don Stump called the meeting to order.

A homeowner had a question about one of the properties on Grandview Drive that is uninhabited and has no one maintaining the property. He was hoping council could come up with a better system than letting the grass grow to 10 inches or higher before someone mows it. Village Administrator Rick Looker said that the problem is that in the village ordinance, property owners are not notified that they are in violation until the grass is 10 inches or higher. Looker said often owners do not sign for certified mail and the letter is sent back to the village while more time goes by and grass gets taller.

Council asked if lowering the 10-inch height requirement would help with the matter. Looker said that he felt that was a good idea, but it’s not the only roadblock the village faces in keeping these properties cleaned up. The Grandview Drive homeowner said that he would mow the property to keep it eye-pleasing, but had concern about legal issues. Looker said the village is doing the best it can on delinquent properties. He said in the past they have had over 20 properties in violation, but as of right now the village is down to nine or 10 properties. He also said that once non-compliant property owners receive their bills from having the city mow their grass, they usually stay in compliance.

At the last meeting, council requested that the security firm that gave quotes to Looker for new security cameras give a presentation about the different options available for new security cameras for the village. Two representatives gave a 45-minute presentation that explained the different options to council and answered any questions they had.

A community member voiced concerns about the fast cars driving down and through Patty Drive. There also was discussion of a little boy who rides a motorized type of scooter or bike down Keller and Patty Drive. He is said to drive too fast and appears to be too young to be out and about alone. A council member has also seen the young boy all over town. The sheriff was asked to look into these two issues. The deputy also said they have received a few vandalism complaints using eggs. The department is looking into it.

In administrative reports, Looker asked for approval to pay $1,500 to ColorGreen to update and fix any issues with the village web site. A motion was made, seconded and voted on. The motion was passed a carried to pay ColorGreen and get started.

In committee reports, Jeff Wirrig said a committee will get together next week to discuss farm animals within the city limits.

Other items discussed:

• Looker wanted to discuss the 30 acres of property the village owns behind the park. He feels that it would be favorable to see if the land can be sold or to look into what can be done to make the best use of the 30 acres. The land and buildings committee will meet to discuss ideas and come up with any questions they might have for the solicitor about what actions would be best for the village to take.

• The Consumer Confidence report is available on the village web site.

• Well 3 at the sewer plant is scheduled for cleaning within the next couple of weeks.

• Raising rates for refuge, water and sewer were discussed again and will be put into an ordinance as soon as it is written up by the solicitor.

Ordinances and Resolutions

• R-16-03 — First reading of a resolution declaring the intention to levy a tax in excess of the 10-mil limitation being a 7-mil renewal levy for street improvement and requesting that the proposed levy be submitted to the electors and declaring an emergency.

• R-16-04 — A resolution authorizing cooperative agreement for planning/construction of water distribution system between the Village of Bradford the the Ohio Water Development Authority and declaring an emergency.

The public is invited to attend village council meetings, which take place at 7 p.m. on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month in the city building.

By Heather Canan

For the Daily Call

Heather Canan is a freelance writer who lives in Bradford. Reach her at or (937) 417-4317.

Heather Canan is a freelance writer who lives in Bradford. Reach her at or (937) 417-4317.