Sheriff’s reports

Information provided by the Miami County Sheriff’s Office:

May 13

PARKING COMPLAINT: A deputy responded to the 2400 block of Shenandoah in Concord Township for a parking complaint.

MOWING MATTER: On 133 S. High Street, Bradford, Mr. Penny reported that his neighbor Mr. Holtvolt was mowing his property and blowing the clippings onto him. A deputy then responded to the area and talked with Neal and his son Anthony who were still mowing. As the deputy first approached the two individuals on their tractor they refused to acknowledge the officer’s presence and would not stop. The deputy then firmly instructed Mr. Holtvolt to idle the tractor down and to shut the PTO off. A short while after this he reluctantly complied. After Anthony expressed his displeasure by using aggressive foul and abusive language towards the deputy he was warned for disorderly conduct. At that time, Anthony was loud enough to be heard at least a block away from where we were as he yelled. After the officer’s warning to him, Anthony began to cooperate. They both were informed of the complaint and advised that the clippings were still on their property and not on Mr. Penny’s, as he was mowing too far over the property line onto them. The property line in question was not clearly marked at the time of this incident. Both parties were advised this would be a civil matter and would need to consult a lawyer. They were also referred to a licensed surveyor for the property line issues. Anthony Holtvolt was further advised to be civil in his future dealings with Mr. Penny.

May 14

UNDERAGE CONSUMPTION: A deputy stopped the listed vehicle for a registration violation at Covington Gettysburg Road, Covington. The deputy made contact with the driver Serra Miller and advised her of why he had stopped her. The deputy could detect an odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle. The front seat passenger, Jared Ganger advised that they just got the car this week and the plates on it belonged to their old Chevy. The deputy asked Sierra Miller to step out of the vehicle to separate her from the odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle.

Sierra advised that she was not drinking but the three passengers, Jared Ganger and two juveniles had been drinking, that is why she was driving them.

The deputy walked back up to the vehicle and asked the three passengers if they had been drinking and they all admitted to it. The deputy made contact with the parents of the juveniles that had been drinking. The deputy advised the parents about the traffic stop and the fact that they had been drinking. The parents agreed to let Sierra Miller take all involved parties to a house for the evening. The parents were also advised that the juveniles would be getting misdemeanor citations for curfew and underage consumption.

Sierra Miller was issued a summons for curfew, Jared Ganger was issued a summons for underage consumption, and the two juveniles were both issued summons’ for curfew violation and underage consumption. They were then all released.

May 15

CRIMINAL DAMAGING: A deputy responded to 400 block of W Main Street, Fletcher for a criminal damaging complaint. While patrolling the Village of Fletcher the deputy was flagged down by Richard Bair and informed someone had damaged property in the park during the night hours.