Bedbug infestation rumors at PHS ‘unfounded’

By Belinda M. Paschal -

PIQUA — Claims of a bedbug infestation at Piqua High School were deemed “unfounded,” according to a letter to parents issued by Principal Tony Lyons on Friday.

The letter stated that two separate student cases of Cimex Lectularius — or bedbugs — were discovered at the school, and dispelled rumors of a widespread outbreak that was reported through social media channels and via student text messages.

District Superintendent Rick Hanes said, “I did walk the PHS building with Amy Welker of Piqua Health Department in the past hour and she shared that we have followed our bedbug protocol and completed what we needed to do in working with the individual students and their families.”

According to the letter:

“Piqua City Schools is following our standard practices and policies related to bedbugs along with working with the City of Piqua Health Department. These tools were developed through our partnership with the Ohio Department of Health and include cleaning all areas of the school on a regular basis and paying additional attention to any area where a bug has been seen. While this is not an outbreak or infestation, we take these matters seriously and are taking every possible precaution to ensure a safe and clean learning environment for our students, staff and community.”

The letter can be found posted on the Piqua City Schools website at Click the link for “Our Schools,” then choose Piqua High School from the drop-down menu.

By Belinda M. Paschal

Reach Belinda M. Paschal at (937) 451-3341.

Reach Belinda M. Paschal at (937) 451-3341.