Lehman honors underclassmen for academic success

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Underclassmen at Lehman Catholic High School were applauded by their parents and teachers for their scholastic achievements when the school recently held its annual Undergraduate Awards Banquet. Following a meal catered by the Spot, students were recognized with certificates and special awards.

There were several top award winners during the evening. Junior Jacob Schmiesing received the Bausch and Lomb Science Award, which is given to the junior having the highest comprehensive science average. Schmiesing was also presented with the Outstanding Mathematics Student award plaque sponsored by Honda of America. Schmiesing is now eligible to apply for a Honda-OSU Partnership Scholarship. Junior Sidney Chapman received the Frederick Douglas and Susan B. Anthony Humanities Award, designed to recognize the importance of a broad educational background. The award means that Chapman is eligible for the Xerox Scholars Program at the University of Rochester.

Each faculty member selects the top students in each subject. Top student chosen in Art Art Fundamentals was Theresa Schmiesing. In Ceramics, the top student was Miriam Bezy, and in Drawing and Painting, the top student was Skye Shi. Named top student in Computer Applications I was Cole Kramer; in Computer Applications II, it was Logan Richard. The top student in Accounting I was Tyler Lachey.

In English, awards were given to Jacquie Schemmel, Freshman English; Alanna O’Leary, Sophomore English; Joseph Schemmel, Junior English; and Jacob Schmiesing, AP Junior English. Foreign Language awards went to Jacquie Schemmel, Latin I; Alanna O’Leary, Latin II; Sarah Gibson, Spanish I; Jacob Emrick, Spanish II; and Jacob Schmiesing, Spanish III.

Mathematics awards were presented to Peyton Arnold, Elementary Algebra; John Cianciolo, Algebra I; Tyler Lachey, Algebra II; Preston Rodgers, Basic Geometry; Maria Schmiesing, Geometry; and Jacob Schmiesing, Pre-Calculus. The awards for Health went to Alex Gleason.

In the area of Religion, the following received awards: Brieanna Wehrling and Jacquie Schemmel, Religion 101 (Hebrew Scriptures); Werling and Ann Pannapara, Religion 102 (Christian Scriptures); Melanie Brunner, Religion 201 (Church History); Abigail Jones, Religion 202 (Sacraments); and Jacob Schmiesing, Religion 302 (Morality).

Science Department awards were presented to Michael Denning, Integrated Science; Jacquie Schemmel, Biology; Theresa Flood, Chemistry; Alanna O’Leary, Anatomy; Sidney Chapman, Advanced Anatomy; Jacob Schmiesing, Physics; and Megan Neumeier, AP Biology. In Social Sciences, the following received awards: Grace Monnin, World Geography 105; Allison Bornhorst, World Geography 110; Jacob Schmiesing, U.S. History; Ann Pannapara, Psychology; Sidney Chapman, Leadership; Tyler Lachey, Economics 105 and 110; and Katherine Edwards, American Government.

The following students were recognized for achieving perfect attendance during this school year: juniors Lindsey Elsner, William Hoersten, Elizabeth Pax, and Jacob Schmiesing; sophomores Miriam Bezy, Tyler Lachey, Sam Ritze, Skye Shi, and Samuel Young; and freshmen Ye Chen, Elizabeth Gibson, Ethan Knapke, Nicholas Largent, Grace Monnin, Joe Ritze, and Athan Whitney.

Buckeye Boys State and Buckeye Girls State are week-long leadership programs sponsored by the American Legion to educate students about the workings of Ohio government. Lehman students chosen to attend Boys State this summer are Jacob Schmiesing and William Hoersten. Attending Girls State will be Sidney Chapman, Hannah Fogt, and Kaitrin O’Leary.

Sophomores Alanna O’Leary and Jacob Emrick have received an opportunity to attend a leadership seminar sponsored by the Hugh O’Brien Youth Foundation.

The following students were members of Teen Leadership Corps, a class devoted to training students in leadership development and community service. Undergraduates in the class presented with certificates were Eli Baker, Sidney Chapman, Hannah Fogt, John-Henry Frantz, and Katherine Hemm.

Receiving pins for the highest Lehman scores on the American High School Mathematics Exam, given to freshmen and sophomores, were Jerry He and Grace Dexter.

Envirothon is a field day competition in the areas of aquatics, soils, forestry, wildlife, and environmental issues. Team members recognized for their participation in Envirothon were

Kiera Burns, Sidney Chapman, Collin Haller, Abigail Jones, Parker Riley, Owen Smith, Mitchell Sollmann, Griffin West, Michael Wesner, Brieanna Werling, and Isaiah Winhoven.

Underclassman who received superiors at the Lehman Science Fair were recognized: Tiffany Behr, Allison Bornhorst, Rachel Bosway, Kiera Burns, Carly Edwards, Sarah Gibson, Cole Gilardi, Alex Gleason, Max Hamlin, Madison Hurley, Lauren Larger, Meaghan McDonald, Brogan McIver, Grace Monnin, Megan Neumeier, Conor O’Leary, Ann Pannapara, David Potts, Parker Riley, Jacquie Schemmel, Aidan Snyder, Kelsey Weber, and Brieanna Werling. Based on their District results, Gleason, McDonald, Neumeier, Schemmel, and Werling were invited to present their projects at the State Science Fair coming up in May.

Science Olympiad is an academic interscholastic competition which consists of a series of 23 events that tests students’ knowledge of biology, earth science, chemistry, physics, computers, and technology. This year’s Lehman team placed sixth in the region. The following underclassman team members were recognized with certificates: Tiffany Behr, Grace Brandt, Melanie Brunner, Theresa Flood, Sarah Gibson, Alex Gleason, Ryan Goettemoeller, Madison Heffelfinger, Katherine Hemm, Nicholas Largent, Grace Monnin, Sean O’Brian, Conor O’Leary, David Potts, Megan Neumeier, Kaitrin O’Leary, Joe Ritze, Joe Schemmel, Jacob Schmiesing, Aaron Topp, Michael Wesner, and Hailey Wick.

The Ohio Energy Project is a group a Lehman students who teach area youth about energy resources, the environment, economical impacts of energy, and energy conservation. Underclassmen recognized for their participation were Melanie Brunner, Sidney Chapman, Theresa Flood, John-Henry Frantz, Abigail Jones, Kyra Moos, Alanna O’Leary, Elizabeth Pax, Parker Riley, Jacob Schmiesing, Griffin West, Michael Wesner, and Hailey Wick.

T.E.A.M.S. stands for Test of Engineering Aptitude, Mathematics, and Science. Team

members who were recognized were Ryan Goettemoeller, Madison Heffelfinger, Abigail Jones, Tyler Lachey, Nicholas Largent, Maddy McFarland, Conor O’Leary, Owen Smith, Mitchell Sollmann, Michael Wesner, Griffin West, and Hailey Wick.

Scholar Athlete awards were presented to students who maintained a 3.5 GPA or higher average throughout the year and earned a varsity letter in athletics. Recognized as Junior Scholar Athletes were Elijah Baker, Alison Briggs, Alexis Caulfield, Sidney Chapman, Madison Cline, Jacob Earhart, Katherine Edwards, Lindsey Elsner, Hannah Fogt, John-Henry Frantz, Katherine Hemm, William Hoersten, Madison Hussey, Wyatt Long, Kyra Moos, Megan Neumeier, Kaitrin O’Leary, Camille Odle, Moriah Pauley, Elizabeth Pax, Parker Riley, Joseph Schemmel, Jacob Schmiesing, and Isaiah Winhoven,

Recognized as Sophomore Scholar Athletes were Maria Adams, Brandon Barhorst, Miriam Bezy, Camille Brown, Melanie Brunner, Timothy Buechter, Jake Emrick, Theresa Flood, Ryan Goettemoeller, Collin Haller, Abigail Jones, Tyler Lachey, Lauren Larger, Kameron Lee, Meaghan McDonald, Madeline McFarland, Brogan McIver, Alanna O’Leary, Leah Peoples, Logan Richard, Sam Ritze, Seth Sargent, Ryan Schmidt, Clare Schmiesing, Owen Smith, Caitlin Swallow, Amanda Titterington, Kelsey Weber, Michael Wesner, Griffin West, and Hailey Wick.

Recognized as Freshman Scholar Athletes were Elias Bezy, Rachel Bosway, Grace Brandt, Michael Denning, Carly Edwards, Samantha Edwards, Sarah Gibson, Alex Gleason, Lillian Greene, Madalyn Kirtley, Ethan Knapke, Jared Magoteaux, Grace Monnin, Conor O’Leary, Grace Olding, Ann Pannapara, David Potts, Joe Ritze, Maria Schmiesing, and Aaron Topp.

The following students were recognized for achieving First Honors through the first three quarters of the school year: juniors Elijah Baker, Sidney Chapman, Katherine Edwards, Lindsey Elsner, Hannah Fogt, John Henry Frantz, William Hoersten, Sarah Kramer, Megan Neumeier, Kaitrin O’Leary, Moriah Pauley, Elizabeth Pax, Parker Riley, Jacob Schmiesing, andTheresa Schmiesing; sophomores Mariah Adams, Brandon Barhorst, Miriam Bezy, Camille Brown,

Melanie Brunner, Grace Dexter, Theresa Flood, Ryan Goettemoeller, Abigail Jones, Tyler Lachey, Lauren Larger, Madeline McFarland, Alanna O’Leary, Leah Peoples, Logan Richard,

Ryan Schmidt, Clare Schmiesing, Owen Smith, Caitlin Swallow, Griffin West, Michael Wesner, and Hailey Wick; and freshmen Tiffany Behr, Elias Bezy, Allison Bornhorst, Grace Brandt, Kiera Burns, John Cianciolo, Mary Deafenbaugh, Michael Denning, Carly Edwards, Emily Fogt, Elizabeth Gibson, Sarah Gibson, Alex Gleason, Madison Heffelfinger, Madison Hurley, Nicholas Largent, Grace Monnin, Grace Olding, Ann Pannapara, Joe Ritze , Jacquie Schemmel, Maria Schmiesing, Aidan Snyder, Mitchell Sollmann, and Brieanna Werling.

The following students were recognized for achieving Second Honors or a combination of First and Second Honors through the first three quarters of the school year: juniors Alexis Caulfield, Madison Cline, Jacob Earhart, Kara Gillman, Katherine Hemm, Wyatt Long, Joe Schemmel, Isaiah Winhoven, Alexis Caulfield, Madison Cline, Jacob Earhart, Kara Gillman, Katherine Hemm, Wyatt Long , Joe Schemmel, and Isaiah Winhoven; sophomores Katie Allenbaugh, Zachary Bopp, Jacob Emrick, Collin Haller, Jerry He, Mehak Kaur, Meghan McDonald, Natalie Rocke, Sam Ritze, Natalie Schmidt, Skye Shi, Amanda Titterington, and Kelsey Weber; and freshmen Rachel Bosway, Carly Caulfield, Samantha Edwards, Cole Gilardi, Elliot Gilardi, Malorie Hussey, Bryce Kennedy, Madalyn Kirtley, Cole Kramer, Jared Magoteaux, Lauren Riley, Kaila Sims, Sean Toner, Aaron Topp, Ellie Westerheide, and Athan Whitney.

Also recognized with certificates were students who had served in leadership roles for various clubs and classes. Recognized for Student Council was Jacob Schmiesing, secretary; for Interact, Sidney Chapman, historian, and John-Henry Frantz, project manager; for Cavs4aCure, Sidney Chapman, vice-president, and Elizabeth Pax, treasurer; for ProLifeguards, John-Henry Frantz and Jacob Schmiesing, vice presidents, Katherine Hemm, secretary, and Kara Gillman, treasurer.

Class officers who were recognized were juniors Katherine Hemm, president; Kara Gillman, vice president; Kaitlin O’Leary, secretary; and Elijah Baker, treasurer; sophomores Abigail Jones, president; Griffin West, vice president; Brogan McIver, secretary; and Tyler Lachey, treasurer; freshmen Joe Ritze, president; Samantha Edwards, vice president; Ann Pannapara, secretary; and Kiera Burns, treasurer.

Receiving certificiates for serving on the SAAC (Substance Abuse Advisory Committee) Board were Elijah Baker and Hannah Fogt. Officers of the National Honor Society who were recognized were Jacob Schmiesing, vice president; Kaitrin O’Leary, secretary; and John-Henry Frantz, treasurer.

Awards were organized and presented by Guidance Counselors Kim Koverman and Barb Saluke.



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