UVMC thanks volunteers

TROY — UVMC thanked its many dedicated volunteers with a National Volunteer Appreciation Week luncheon April 13.

Volunteers provided more than 20,000 hours of service to the hospital last year.

Recognized for 15,000 hours of service was Margaret Attenweiler; 13,500 hours, Betty Gerken; 10,000 hours, Joyce Carpenter; and 9,500 hours, Dorie Perry.

Others honored were: Dee Collins, 8,000 hours; Ann Sanders, 6,000 hours; William Christie, Becky Voisinet, 5,000 hours; Kathleen Putnam, 4,500 hours; Gwen Karr, 4,000 hours; Henrietta Baden, 3,500 hours; Robert Sanders, 3,000 hours; Kim Bauer, Myrna Cantrell, Gail Crist and Jane Hoover, 2,500 hours; and Mary “Jane” Etter, Karen Miller, Joyce Morrow, 2,000 hours.

Also recognized were: Christy Green, Steven Hamman, Carole Henderson, Carol Hensley, Rita Miller, Judy Pfister, Lowell Rapp, Jill Resides, Susan Riley, Dorathy Wettstone, 1,500 hours; Marcia Deeter, Janice Hamman, 1,000 hours; Janice Birman, Pamela Johnston, Ashley Mullins, Emiko Narui, David Shinabery, Betty Smith and Barb Wilson, 500 hours; Kay Angle, Janie Ayres, Janet Bosserman, Jean Browning, Alberta Collier, Jim Filipiak, Jim Hoblit, Karla Knapke, Roger Kuntz, Dennis Miller and Dale Terando, 300 hours; and Janice Davis, Georgann Enright, Beverly Helsinger, Karen Hudson, Paul Huelskamp, Carol Morgan, Sue Pounds, Linda Rozell, Doug Streitenberger, Ted Tinsler and Barb Zimmer, 100 hours.

Honored with Community Service certificates were Project Search interns: Cooper Brown, Makayla Jones, Nick Minnich, Adam Priest and Danny Schumacher.