Miami County Sheriff’s Office reports

Information provided by the Miami County Sheriff’s Office:

April 22

SCAM: The reporting party reported receiving a call from a Sgt. Scott Matthews from the Miami County Sheriff’s office. She stated the number this subject called from was, 937-205-9726. She did not answer the phone, however, the subject left her a message requesting she call him back due to her missing a court appearance. The deputy called the number given and received voicemail. It is clear this a scam and the officer informed the reporting party not to contact this person back. The deputy also informed her to never give any information out over the phone.

SCHOOL INCIDENT: A deputy responded to Miami East Junior High on a report of a student who had accidentally brought an air soft pellet gun to school in his book bag. The student was dealt with by school administrators and suspended. The school requested a report of the incident.

Another report was filed for a student who had accidentally brought a small pocket knife to school. The incident was handled by the school administration and the student was suspended.

The school requested an information report. No charges filed.

BURGLARY: A deputy responded State Route 202 area in reference a burglary in progress. At the conclusion of the investigation several firearms, ammunition, and credit cards taken from the residence.

April 24

INTOX: A deputy was dispatched to an accident on Piqua Clayton Rd. just west of Spiker. After clearing the call the deputy noticed that the passenger Mark Wood who was highly intoxicated and had already stated that he was on parole was yelling at the tow truck driver from Saunders towing. After being warned several times Mr. Wood was arrested for disorderly conduct.

CAMPING REPORT: A deputy was dispatched to the 2400 block of Troy-Sidney Road, Staunton Twp. in reference a suspicious person camping along the river. The reporting party stated while riding his four wheeler along the river he noticed a tent set up and clothes hanging in the trees that appeared like someone was living there. The subject stated that he had an argument with his parents and has been staying in the tent for a couple days.

The subject stated that his parents owned the ground along the river. The reporting party was fine with the situation, but just wanted to check a make sure a criminal wasn’t living in the tent.

WARRANT: A deputy was dispatched to the listed address on a reckless operation complaint. After further investigation, Dillon Eldridge was arrested on a warrant out of Champaign County.

April 25

CRIMINAL DAMAGE: A deputy was dispatched to the NW corner of the Miami County Fairgrounds to take a criminal damage report.

The deputy was met by Mark Spencer, who works for the Ohio Operators Engineering Apprentice in Training program. He advised that sometime between 5 p.m. on April 22, 2016 and 8 a.m. on April 25, 2016 someone broke some windows out of his construction equipment.

His company is clearing trees on the property and his equipment will be on the grounds until the job is completed.

There are no leads or suspects to follow up with. The reporting party needed a report to file an insurance claim. Photos of the damage were taken and will be added to the case file.

DRUG SWEEP: A deputy assisted Tipp City P.D. by walking K9 Bear through Tippecanoe high School for a drug sweep.On today’s date at the request of SRO Deputy Karn, a deputy walked K9 Bear through Milton Union High School for a drug sweep.

TRUCK STOLEN FROM INPOUND LOT: On April 25, 2016 Lonnie Saunders called into the Miami County Sheriffs Office to report someone had stole a vehicle out of their impound lot. After arriving on scene a deputy made contact with Lonnie Saunders who advised he discovered the listed vehicle was missing today. The vehicle, a blue 1980 Chevrolet Truck, was used on their property to move vehicles around. The truck did not have license plates, and had a large steel bumper welded to the front of it with two large tires attached to the front of it.

The truck was entered into LEADS as stolen, and several hours later the truck was located in the 100 block of E. Third Street in Greenville. The deputy made contact with Detective Roberts from the Greenville Police Department who advised they had confirmed it was the same truck and had a suspect. Detective Roberts named Ryan Hiestand as the suspect for he had stolen three other vehicles. Detective Roberts will be interviewing Mr. Hiestand in regards to the matter, and will relay the information to me.

Saunders towing responded to the 100 block of E. Third Street in Greenville and recovered the vehicle.

April 26

WARRANT: Mark Insani was arrested on a warrant out of Greene County. Mark was transported to the incarceration Facility without incident.

April 27

WALLET GONE: The reporting subject stated his wallet was stolen while in gym class at Milton-Union Middle Schools. He stated cash and other personal items were inside his wallet that was taken.

WARRANT: A deputy went to 316 Steele St., Dayton, to locate Tiffany Lake in reference to a Miami County Warrant. Ms. Lake was located without incident, and transported to the Miami County Sheriffs Office. Assistance from the Dayton Police Department was requested, and they were on scene.

JAIL THEFT: A deputy responded to the Miami County Jail in reference to a theft complaint involving two inmates. LT Collett advised a Cody Mills and Terry Allen had broken into the commissary room on the third floor. LT Collett advised CO Powell had placed Cody and Terry in the visitation area so they can study laws. LT Collett advised CO Larger had contacted him stating he observed an inmate in the commissary room.

The deputy was able to review security footage and observed Cody assisting Terry up so he can retrieve a metal object in the ceiling. Terry broke the hinge that separates the two window panels on the door. The deputy observed both Terry and Cody entering the commissary room multiple times.

LT. Collett advised the two inmates had stolen 90 phone cards, 10 Kool-off packets, and 1 tortilla wrap. All items were recovered before Cody and Terry could return back to their cell.

Deputies made an attempt to interview Cody and Terry. Both individuals refuse to answer any questions. Cody Mills and Terry Allen will be charged with Breaking and Entering and Theft.