By Patrick D. Kennedy


50 Years Ago: July 12 – 18, 1965

• Troy – Why should you bury the beauty of a building in all kinds of signs and aluminum if it can be restored to its original grandeur? So was the thinking of David Saidleman, owner of the Coleman-Allen building in the northeast quadrant of the Public Square. Saidleman believes the general upkeep of buildings in the downtown district will be an attractive enticement for shoppers, and points out that even a coat of paint from time-to-time is not that expensive, but goes a long way to making a building look nice. His hope is that several other downtown owners will follow suit. Mr. Saidleman’s restoration of the building is scheduled to be finished in about two months, which will include renovating the first floor interior of the building. In the process of restoring the structure there have been 53 signs and a fire escape removed. (Columnist’s Note: I find it interesting and exciting that almost exactly 50 years after its last major renovation by Mr. Saidleman that the Troy Community Works is ready and willing to restore and renovate this important historic building in downtown Troy. The building has not only been a mainstay and a recognizable landmark in Troy, but is also important to Troy’s history. It was an early business center associated with the Allen & Wheeler mill at Eldean; a recruitment center during the Civil War; and a place of meeting and entertainment when the Recreation Association, “The Rec,” was in its infancy.)

75 Years Ago: July 12-18, 1940

• Miami County — The rainstorm late Thursday afternoon brought relief from the heat, as well as some needed rain for the corn crop. Thursday morning began with a temperature of 69 degrees, but during the day the heat index rose as high as 92 degrees by 2 pm, which is the highest in July, thus far. A cool front with the rain then plummeted the temperature back to 69 degrees, which continued to drop overnight and was recorded at 54 degrees by 6 am Friday, a 38 degree drop in less than 24 hours! Whether one should dress for winter or summer is anyone’s guess.

• Troy – The popular Troy Recreational program for youth has been so successful that it will expand into a yearlong program, beginning this fall. Many local industries and charitable groups, such the Community Chest and the Troy Foundation, are giving strong support to the program. Eight years ago Rev. A.M. Dixon put an idea to work and began the Troy Recreational Association with the benefit of the youth of Troy in mind. It was a program designed to involve the young people of the community in healthy, clean and positive activities during the summer months while they are not in school. The newly expanded program will include athletic, cultural and social events will begin on September 1st.

100 Years Ago: July 12-18, 1915

• Piqua — A rousing meeting of the Dixie Highway boosters is expected on Thursday, July 15th, when a gathering is planned in Piqua. The Dixie Highway is envisioned to be a modern paved highway similar to the Lincoln Highway, but it will connect states from Florida to Michigan, including Ohio. Meetings are being held to determine the exact route of the new highway. Last month a large delegation from Troy made their way to the meeting in Lima and then made their presence felt in the meeting. It is hoped that a large Miami County contingency can continue to hold influence, with the result being that the highway will be constructed from Dayton, through Tipp City, Troy, and Piqua. (Columnist’s Note: The Dixie Highway was indeed constructed through the area, just as those early men of Miami desired. For a little over 30 years the Dixie Highway was a main route of travelling from north or south. It wended its way through many communities such as Tipp, Troy and Piqua. Today, the remains of the highway can be seen mostly in road signs, business names or the remnants of the road in Miami County, which is now designated as “County Road 25A.” When the current interstate was constructed in the mid-1950s, many of the old smaller communities, businesses and other old memories from days past disappeared.)