Miami County Real Estate Transactions


August Boyer, Lois Boyer to August Boyer, Lois Boyer, one lot, $0.

Cathy Stout to Jesse Casey, one lot, $27,500.

Estate of Roger Stout, Paul Stout, administrator, to Jesse Casey, one lot, $27,500.

Bob Evans Farms LLC to Ber Real Estate Investments I LLC, one lot, $1,632,900.

Daniel Ray Brunson, Sherry Brunson to Brett Smith, Teresa Smith, one lot, $162,500.

Esther Lamka to Debra Hanger, Douglas Lamka, Steven Lamka, one lot, $0.

BRE Properties LLC to Deanna Brock, Kevin Brock, one lot, $0.

Robert Geiger to Outrigger Group Ltd., one lot, $100,000.

Set Land Group LLC to Keystone Real Estate Group Ltd., two lots, $40,000.

Estate of Everett Baker, Timothy Owens, executor to Teresa Lantis, one lot, $99,000.

Brent Pectol, Kathryn Pectol to Kelsey Swackhamer, Michael Swackhamer, one lot, $193,000.

James Schirtzinger, Lori Schirtzinger to Cory Carver, Rebecca Carver, two lots, $280,000.

First Edition Homes Inc. to Bubba Grant LLC, one lot, $2,550,000.

Scott Investments of Troy LLC to Glen Wooddell, Paula Wooddell, two lots, $292,500.


Bovast Industrial Supply Co. to 312 Designs Inc., one lot, $120,100.

Andrew Snyder to Matthew Herron, one lot, $73,500.

Ashley Chupp to Dennis Holbrook, one lot, $99,000.

Roger Mumpower, Scherre Mumpower to Amy Magel, Eric Magel, three lots, $38,000.

Peoples Federal Savings and Loan Association to Kent Lee, Peggy Lee, two part lots, $35,900.

Nora Burdette, Miami County Sheriff David Duchak to U.S. Bank N.A, one lot, $58,600.

Amy Kessler, Kevin Kessler to Amy Kessler, one lot, $0.

American Homeowner Preservation Trust, U.S. Bank Trust N.A., trustee to Nicole Wood, two lots, $27,500.

Teeters Real Estate of Investments LLC to Tamara Young, one lot, $20,000.

Joshua Davis, trustee, Davis Keystone Inheritance Trust to Carol Rigola, Nichalas Rigola, one lot, $225,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association, Reimer Law Co., attorney in fact, to Ginger Nanik, Scott Nanik, one lot, $54,150.

Gladys Roth, trustee, Roth Family Revocable Trust to Rochelle Beeman, Rochelle Burtrum, one lot, $21,000.

Estate of Dorothy Black, Brenda Wynn, executor to Ron Black, one lot, $64,000.

Jessie Bowman, Kathryn Bowman, Kathryn Henderson to Jessie Bowman, Kathryn Bowman, one lot, $0.

Kelley Hall, Kelley Jacomet to Christine Lunger, George Lunger Jr., one lot, $167,000.

Estate of Betty Howell, Robert Tilton, executor to Catherine Redmon, two lots, $59,900.

Clifford Alexander Trust, Clifford Alexander, trustee, to Kristine Gorman, Michael Gorman, one lot, $29,900.

Kathryn Brown to Kathryn Brown, Barbara Jacoby, one lot, $0.

Allan Cotrell, Sandra Cotrell to Bradley Bercot, one lot, $53,000.

Bob Evans Farms LLC to Cole Be Portfolio II LLC, four lots, $2,034,500.


Gerald McMullen, Rebecca McMullen to McMullen Revocable Trust, one lot, $0.

Bob Evans Farms LLC to Cole Be Portfolio I LLC, one lot, $1,948,000.

Leslie Mizer, Randi Mizer, Steven Mizer to Steven Mizer, one lot, $0.

Emily Hodapp, James Hodapp Jr. to Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc., Quicken Loans, Inc., one lot, $111,600.

Estate of Barbara Perry, Deanna Fecher, co-executor, Michael Perry, co-executor to Emily Hodapp, James Hodapp Jr., one lot, $139,500.

Starlit Ernst to Lisa Ernst, one lot, $60,000.

James Clark, Jennie Clark, Karen Clark, Keith Clark, attorney in fact, Sidney Jacobs, Tonya Jacobs to Michael Furlong, one lot, $55,000.

Forrest Wise, Linda Wise to Up North Construction Ltd., one lot, $35,000.

Kimberly Heckman, Tyler Heckman to Elyse Weber, Kyle Weber, one lot, $320,500.


Michelle Holsinger, Swade Holsinger to Aron Tipps, Vanessa Tipps, two lots, $108,000.


Hilda Prewitt to Kenneth Castor, Rebecca Castor, two lots, $165,000.

NVR Inc. to Ammegon Bouchard, Joseph Bouchard Jr., two lots, $290,500.

Carriages Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co. I LLC to Inverness Group, Inc., two lots, $37,000.

Carriages Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co. I LLC to NVR Inc., two lots, $38,200.

Carriages Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co. I LLC to NVR Inc., two lots, $42,200.

Inverness Group Inc. to Amber Ray, two lots, $225,000.


Kathy Baumaster, Kathy Trost, William Trost to Kathy Trost, one lot, $0.

Kathy Trost, William Trost to Dustin Trost, $0.


Carolyn Bolin, Jerolyn Hix to Josephine Headrick, Kimberly Petty, one lot, $35,000.

Phillip Yahle, Sandra Yahle to Brooke Owens, Bryant Owens, one lot, $169,000.


Bruce Schneider, Cynthia Schneider to Bruce Schneider, Cynthia Schneider, three lots, $0.

Estate of David Reichert to Kerry Weller, one lot, $0.


Brian Starry, Joy Starry to Andrew Fritz, Kendal Fritz, 6.223 acres, $0.


3 Gen D LLC to Denlinger and Sons Builders Inc., one lot, $79,900.

Keystone Land Development Inc. to Nicholas Demmitt, Mitzi Welsh-Zimmer, one lot, $137,000.

Nicole Olding, William Olding to Megan Crawford, 0.7173 acres, $148,000.

Barbara Shook to Barara Shook Revocable Living Trust, U.S. Bank, N.A., trustee, four lots, $0.


Jerald Sawchek, Tina Sawchek to Jason Williams, Natalie Williams, one lot, $230,000.

Barbara File-Blonstein, administrator, Estate of Lawrence Subler, to Patricia Adams, one lot, $134,900.

BRE Properties LLC to Deanna Brock, Kevin Brock, one lot, $0.

Derek Sekas, Stefanie Sekas to Teresa Yantis, one lot, $129,500.


Todd Vanderhorst to Jeremy Yingst, 1.26 acres, $115,000.

Beth Ann Garland, Jennifer Garland, Kenny Lynn Garland to Andrew Ruppert, Laura Ruppert, $199,900.

Gloria Harmon, Richard Harmon to Gloria Harmon, Richard Harmon, 2.244 acres, $0.

Kathy Abney to Gloria Harmon, 2.244 acres, $30,000.

Beth Jennifer Hartzell Irrevocable Trust, U.S. Bank N.A., successor trustee to Nicolas Fullenkamp, Stephanie Fullenkamp, 67.405 acres, $606,700.

James Douglas, administrator, Estate of Larry Petrey, Dustin Meyer, Grace Meyer to Dustin Meyer, Grace Meyer, 10.010 acres, $75,000.


Bryce Adams to Bryce Adams, Kaitlyn Stewart, 10.681 acres, $225,700.


Jeffrey Luthman, Staci Ann Luthman to Brandon Knisley, Jennifer Knisley, $285,000.

Jodie Gibson, Randy Gibson to Heather Brandenburg, Todd Brandenburg, one lot, $225,0000.


Juva Jean Pierce, Richard Pierce to Lynn Call, Mark Evans, one lot, $140,000.

Mabel Cain, Jo Ann Frantz, attorney in fact, Richard Frantz to Jessica Grile, 1.5 acres, $100,000.

Myra Roark to Donna Clark, Jeffery Clark, 10.00 acres, $30,000.

Joseph Sanders, Lauren Sanders to Christina Honeycutt, 0.981 acres, 2.641 acres, $209,000.

West Branch Monthly Meeting of Friends to Diane Miranda, Rogelio, 2.6 acres, $39,400.